Marry Me For Free And I Will Buy You A Car, Pay You $300,000 Monthly But On These Conditions

Stephanie Francies, a young Nigerian woman from Abia State who is a fashion designer, has promised that she will take good care of any man who marries her.  Continue Reading>>>

She is beautiful and has never had a problem with money, but she has always had trouble figuring out how to spend it.

She said that she would pay for everything for both the traditional wedding and the white wedding. Last year, both of her parents died in a plane crash. Since she was her father’s only child, she got everything he owned. So, she said that if a man agreed to marry her, she would buy him an expensive car and pay him $300,000 every month.  Continue Reading>>>

If you think you can handle it, here are the rules:

  1. He should be ready to stay home all day and take care of the kids.

  2. He needs to be true to me.

  3. He should have the blood group O+ and the genotype AA.

  4. He should be good-looking and clean, and he shouldn’t smoke.

  5. He shouldn’t ask me questions every time he sees me with someone else.

6.He should be ready to wash all of my clothes, because I can’t afford to get my fingernails dirty.

  1. He should know how to cook, since I don’t have time to go into the kitchen.

  2. He shouldn’t drink too much.

What do you think about this offer from a woman?

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