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“Many of my male friends are suffering in silence because of violence from their wives” – Journalist Agba Jalingo

Nigerian journalist, Agba Jalingo, has spoken out against the rise in gender-based violence against men.

According to Agba Jalingo, who remarked in a series of Facebook posts that many men are victims of abuse from their wives, domestic violence is not gender specific.

He claimed that many of his male acquaintances are suffering in silence as a result of violence from their wives. He also revealed that a friend is currently in the hospital owing to alleged domestic abuse by his wife.

The journalist urged male victims of domestic violence to speak about their plight rather than die in silence.


In his words,

“Many of my male friends are suffering in silence because of violence from their wives. One is in the hospital now. This GBV must take a shift. We must stop genderizing domestic violence. Many men are dying in silence and I mean it. Our friend was rescued from the brink of suicide because he married a woman I don’t know how to describe. He is in the hospital. He has been through hell

“Physical abuse with injuries, emotional taunting, infidelity are some of the things MANY men I know are going through. But they can’t talk. If your wife is dishing you domestic violence, please SPEAK OUT. Please I say SPEAK OUT. Dont be ashamed. I’m tired of the stories I’m hearing. My friend has never been a violent man. He is just a gentleman in mad love with a violent extravagant woman and that woman wants to kill him.”

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