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Man cries out as he narrates how he found out his girlfriend of 4 years is getting married to her ‘best friend’

A young Nigerian man was left devastated after discovering that his girlfriend of four years was engaged and set to tie the knot with another man.

According to the man identified as @theseyibello on Twitter, he was in a serious relationship with the said lady for 4 years, so she had met his mum.

However, his mum found out at work that the lady was engaged and about to get married to her colleague’s son. He further revealed that when he asked to see the picture of the guy his girlfriend was engaged to, he turned out to be the guy she calls her best friend.

Narrating the heartbreaking incident, the man declared that women are not good people.

“I dated this girl for 4 years and it was so serious that i had to let my mom know details about her.

not until a day mom came back from work and told me she was talking about my girl at work and her senior colleague said this is the girl that just got engaged to her son. How embarrassed my mom would’ve felt

Asked my mom to show me the son’s picture and i discovered it was the guy my girl was always posting with the caption “BEST”. I was down and depressed for more than a month. WOMEN ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE. Well they are getting married next month and I don’t think I wish them a happy married life”, he wrote.

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