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Thursday, August 18, 2022

MAKE A WISH!! Before The End Of December, What Is That One Thing You Really Need?

First of all, let’s give thanks to the source that create life (God) for keeping us till this moment.

As we all know, 2021 will end in a few days and we’ll start wishing each other a happy new year – I pray God to keep me, you, and our families to witness a new year.

If you truly believe in God then you will believe the popular statement that says “What God cannot do does not exist“.

There might be something you’ve wanted since the beginning of 2021 but you still don’t have it yet, it might be Job, Soulmate, Pregnancy, Promotion, Money, and so on.

Why don’t we make the wish again before the end of the year and I believe God will listen to you this time and grant it for me, your, and everyone around you.

Now make a wish 👇🏾

What Is That Thing You Need God To Do For You Before The End Of The Year?

Ask with faith

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