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LV LESSON!!! 6 Things We Learnt From The #EndSARS Judicial Panel Report (No.5 Was A Shocker)

It was said that no matter how long the lies persist, one day the truth will surely catch up with it – That’s exactly what happened with his Panel report.

So yesterday, the #EndSARS judicial panel that was set up by the Lagos State Govt, to take a look at the event that happened on the night of 20-10-20 at the Lekki Toll Gate delivered their report to the Governor, Babajide Sanwoolu.

The PDF version of the report has been circulating around, but I’m sure many won’t want to take that very long read, cause it has 390+ pages.

So without wasting your time, we’ve shortlisted out 6 main points from the whole report and I think these are the major answers to the questions we’ve been asking for months

6 Main Points From The EndSARS Panel Report 👇

1. Lekki Tollgate incident was a massacre

According to the report, the Lekki Toll Gate has been decided to be a “Massacre“, according to the dictionary, Massacre means “an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of many people.”

The word slaughter is in bold, meaning People died at the Lekki Tollgate Incident, even though the Government lied that live ammunition was not fired.

Now the question is 👇

Where are the bodies of the dead youths that the Soldiers moved to their barracks?

2. The army shot at protesters on 20-10-20

Wow! At last, it has been confirmed that it was the Army that came to the Lekki Tollgate and opened fire on the armless youth protesting peacefully.

From the live video of DJ Switch we know it was the Army that came to the Tollgate, but our government took us for a fool and told us it was a Photoshopped video.

Well, now I’m waiting on the official statement from the Nigerian Army.

3. The police also shot at protesters that night

Imagine, the same set of people we’re also agitating for so they can get a better living off their Policing job also opened fire at Protesters.

Well, I won’t blame those ones, na only go them here, them no here stop!

The EndSARS protest wasn’t just about ending the SARS, it was also about reforming the Police dept and also making the Police have a better living.

4. There was àn attempt to cover up and clean the scene

What if it was even the Soldiers that burned down the Tollgate after the Massacre so they can cover up tracks and also destroy their own scene so they won’t be traces?

Cause for sure the youth that was massacred won’t also attempt to cover up tracks that they can use to get Justice.

Whoever it was sha! God will judge…

5. The Governor, Sanwo Olu invited the army to the toll gate

I’m actually not surprised with this finding though, I always knew Sanwo Olu was lying all the times he was interviewed about the Lekki Tollgate Incident.

So the Governor that was meant to ensure peace in the state, was the one who called the Army to open fire on the youths – Wow!

Mr Sanwo! Remember you also have a family O! God will judge you 😭

6. LCC (The Toll Gate Management)  withheld and tampered with useful evidence

Really? Ordinary LCC was also involved in this whole mess? More reason we couldn’t even get a proper CCTV Footage of the whole incidence.

The Tollgate has more than 100 Cameras installed within the area, and none captured the whole scene, it was now one nonsense Camera, that Mr. Fashola saw.

Well! Everything has been revealed, with or without your CCTV footage, the world already knows the truth.

So Guys 👇

Which Of These Findings Was A Shocker To You?

Let’s hear from you…….

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