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LET’S TALK!! Will You Rather Build A House Or Buy A House?

Hello Guys,

I was at a building site in Lekki and i heard two bricklayers discussing how difficult it is Building a house from scratch and Buying a house instead saves stress, money and time.

So i want to present this question to all LigitVibesViewers.

Would you rather Build or Buy?

We know the time constraints that comes with building a house. However some people will prefer to start their dream home from foundation block by block.

It seems there’s that  pride attached to doing something from the genesis and finishing it 👌👌

Yet, buying a house is relatively easy. You see, inspect and splash the cash and its all yours.

According to a survey, Buying is even cheaper than Building a house…

Anyways ,LigitVibes Viewer lets answer this

Would You Rather Build OR Buy A House?

Lets hear from you all

Drop your comment

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