Lady pours acid on her boyfriend’s face after catching him cheating

Lady ruins her boyfriend’s face with acid for allegedly cheating on her

A young lady has completely destroyed her boyfriend’s pretty face with acid for allegedly cheating on her.  Continue Full Reading>>>

According to sources, the lady who felt insecure throughout the relationship always fought her now-deformed ex-boyfriend for cheating on her despite not having any evidence.

Because of the lady’s violent nature, the guy’s friends always advised him to call the relationship a quit but he refused to adhere to their advice with the notion that she’ll change with time.

Unfortunately, the lady poured acid on his face and some parts of his body during one of their numerous arguments about the same infidelity issue.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Now, the once-handsome guy has totally lost his prepossessing face all because of his jealous and temperamental ex-girlfriend.

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