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Lady gives unexpected response to boyfriend after he pranked her about inviting a lady to his house for coitus

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share his girlfriend’s response after he played a rather expensive prank on her.

@Tony_of_lagoss shared a screenshot of their conversation and stated that he pranked her by saying he had invited a lady over to his house for sex.

In the chat, Tony explained that he was horny and needs to satisfy his sexual urges, but since he hasn’t seen her (his girlfriend) for over a month due to her work schedule, he invited his female friend over for sexual intercourse.

Surprisingly, his girlfriend gave in to his request and gave him permission to sleep with his friend but advised him to use protection.

See below,

The chat has sparked hilarious reactions on the micro-blogging platform as netizens share their thoughts on the lady’s response.

@auntyadaa wrote,

“It’s either
(1) It’s an open relationship
(2) she is fvcking someone else too
(3) You had this chat with yourself
(4) you’re the side boo

Or (5) the both of you ti ya warey”

@Etubolion wrote,

“It is either you are mad or your girlfriend is mad. I’m not sure, someone is sha mad between both of you. I think it is both of you sef. Ehn, both of you are mad.”

@irunnia_ wrote,

“You have not met her for a whole month and she is okay with you fvcking someone else.

My brother in the Lord, you are seriously single! I don’t think you’re even up to the level of side guy yet because women don’t even like

their side guys fvcking other babes.”

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