Lady Dumps Boyfriend Because He ‘Doesn’t Drink or Smoke’ (SCREENSHOTS)

Lady Dumps Boyfriend Because He ‘Doesn’t Drink or Smoke’ (SCREENSHOTS)

A young Nigerian lady has dumped his boyfriend over the fate that he doesn’t drink or smoke.  Continue Reading>>>

The young lady made the revelation to his then-boyfriend right after she dumped her.

The young man, shocked to the bone took to Twitter to share screenshots of his chat with the lady.

The young man identified on Twitter as @Deevybs shared the chat on Twitter with the caption, “Some girls are weird, just because I don’t smoke or drink?”  Continue Reading>>>

In the chat, the young man was seen asking the lady identified as Blessing why she was acting strange around him.

In response, the lady stated that she just doesn’t like that he told her he doesn’t smoke or drink. Blessing said it was weird and abnormal for a man not to have any of the two habits.

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