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Lady confesses to killing her daughter to satisfy her new husband

A Twitter user has shared how a woman reportedly killed her daughter because her new husband doesn’t like the girl.

The mother, who had children from a previous relationship, poisoned her daughter to satisfy her new partner, according to the Twitter user @Sisi Yemmie, who reported the bizarre incident on the platform.

It’s said that the man despised his step-daughter and was constantly whining, so the lady ‘took her daughter out of the way’ in order to save her marriage.

She eventually admitted the heinous act to her son.

“I just heard this guy on the radio say his mom killed his sister because his step father did not like his sister & was always complaining. So his mom poisoned her. You killed your child for a man???!!!

“The mother confessed to her son later, so it’s confirmed gist. That she had to kill the girl cos her husband was stressing her so much over the girl staying with them.” The Twitter user wrote.

In other news, Choice Christopher, the SUG Vice President of Delta State Polytechnic, has recounted the humiliation she faced after getting pregnant out of wedlock.

She took to her Facebook page on Wednesday, May 19, to show off her daughter who is now grown, and shared the struggles she went through after getting pregnant at a young age.

According to her, she was mocked, suspended from her church and ridiculed by her age mates.

However, she choose to keep the pregnancy and today, her child can easily be mistaken to be her younger sister.

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