Jungle Justice: Man burnt alive for stealing Plazma TV in Lagos

A man identified as a notorious robber has been burnt alive after he was caught stealing a television set.  Continue Full Reading>>>

According to witnesses, the incident happened at a location called Funmilayo junction, when the man, said to be a notorious robber in the area, was arrested while making away with the stolen item.

It was gathered that One Mopol had gone to a house located at Sura Odumakin Street in the area at about 5am, to steal the TV but was unlucky as he was seen while attempting to escape by a resident who raised an alarm and he was was caught.

The angry mob which quickly gathered, descended on him and beat him mercilessly before he was rescued by a police team from the nearby Elere Division.  Continue Full Reading>>>

As the policemen were leading him away, he allegedly vowed to go after those who beat him whenever he was released by the police, a statement that allegedly incensed the crowd.

They reportedly snatched the suspect from the police, tied him with a rope and dragged him to the junction where he was set ablaze.

An eyewitness who identified himself as Diran Oderinde, narrated how the whole incident played out:

“I was woken up around 6.30am by the commotion caused by his arrest. One Mopol was a known robber in this community and he robbed with confidence.

He stole the plasma television at Sura Odumakin in the Papa area but was caught by a resident when he was about to escape.

He robbed alone with a cutlass. Last Saturday night, he robbed a woman selling food on Abiba Street and raped her.

When One Mopol was caught this morning (Saturday), the woman came to the scene and discovered that he was the one who actually attacked her.”

Another resident in the area, Tolu Ibrahim, said One Mopol’s death was a relief to residents, adding that hardly a week went by that he would not rob someone in the community.

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