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Joel Embiid & Draymond Green Butt Heads Over Ben Simmons

Joel Embiid and Draymond Green cleared the air over Ben Simmons’ departure from Philadelphia.
Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons did not like each other very much. When Simmons was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, Embiid was very excited about it all, and it led to a hilarious fallout on Twitter. Now, Embiid is playing much better with James Harden, and it seems like the Sixers really have something brewing as the playoffs draw closer.

While Embiid is happy, some players around the league felt uncomfortable with how Embiid went about treating his former teammate. One such person was Draymond Green, who had Embiid as a guest on his show this week. In fact, the two butted heads over the Simmons situation, although they eventually came to an understanding.

Joel Embiid

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images
Per “The Draymond Green Show:”

Draymond: “You expressed your dismay with the situation. You expressed like “get him out of here then,” like, you expressed all of that.”

Embiid: “I never said that, to ‘get him out of there.’ I just didn’t understand what was going on honestly…I didn’t understand, like, what happened and what led up to that whole situation. To this day, I don’t understand.”

Needless to say, Embiid felt very strongly about everything that happened, all while Green believes Embiid could have been a bit more diplomatic. You can find the entire conversation on the matter, down below.

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