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It’s easier to hear God with closed legs — 32-year-old virgin tells ladies

A South-African Lady who has gained popularity over her stance on keeping her virginity has taken to her social media page to disclose the best way to hear the voice of God.

According to the lady identified as Zukiswa Joyi, it’s easier to hear God with closed legs.

Her post elicited varying opinions as some netizens strongly agreed with Zukiswa while others vehemently opposed.

See some reactions below;

Leonard Ajayi wrote;

Big LIE! Being a Virgin doesn’t mean you are holy nor does it make you a good person. It’s a PERSONAL decision that’s all. A Virgin with a Wicked Heart can never be Compared with even a Kind Prostitue with a Heart of GOLD! And by the way there are many who are Virgins but don’t go about advertising it because they know that it is something very Private!

Engr Somkeyz Uba wrote;

Say it again ooo
In Abuja here..they will be climbing down from a man’s bed and immediately burst in tongues..it’s a pity

Inimbakara Okon wrote;

Those with open legs won’t agree with you sister. They will say you won’t make heaven.

Tracey Obinali wrote;

Your view. That is what your mind or your pastor is telling you. Come to Nigeria then I will tell you with many proves that you are not telling the truth. I am a live witness, I hear from God directly. Morality and Spirituality are not the same but though they work together. You are a virgin doesn’t mean you will have the best marriage on Earth, it doesn’t mean your heart will be very pure and it doesn’t make you to have that spirit of natural love the Bible told us to have as God’s commandment in the new testament..

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