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Is Buju Really Better On Features Than On His Own Songs?

Since Buju released his debut project, an EP called “Sorry I’m Late,” there’s been a lot of conversations around his music, his hype, and whether or not he has what it takes to go to the next level.

Specifically, if he is capable of doing songs worthy of hype for himself or he is only good on features. Even though I gave the album an 8, most people still seem to think he could have done better and that he has done better on the collaborations he has done all year.

This is a probe;m for Buju because if he can’t leave the shadow of his high-profile collaborations that catapulted him to stardom, then he won’t be able to go very far. Buju does seem like someone that deserves to go far, though. He’s got the talent, for sure. So it’s not a question of whether he’s got the juice and sauce or not.

Instead, it is a matter of if he’s putting in enough effort into his own singles. Apparently, what he’s doing fr himself currently is not exactly good enough. Not at the moment anyway. Many people are now starting to view him as the TY Dolla Sign of Nigerian Music.

For those who don’t know, Ty Dolla is an American singer who is known for his contribution to the works of so many top artists, mostly as a guest artist. But the thing is, TY doesn’t really have a lot of buzz around his own work, and some people have chalked that to the quality of his materials.

That is what—who—Buju might be turning into. I still think Buju can do well for himself. Perhaps with a little effort, he can sustain the buzz and hype he has gained from working with artists like Burna BoyWizkid, and Timaya. After all, he’s the same guy that created “Lenu” and “Outside.”

Let’s hear what you think, though?

Do You Think Buju Is Really Better On Features Than On His Own Songs? Or Have You Been Feeling His Songs?

Drop a comment.

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