Intramural sports in school

Intramural sports

intramural means existing or done within the walls. So intramural sports means a sort activities organized and carried out within the walls of an institution ie school. Free play and contest among school children physical education. because earlier from the intramural sports were initiated and conducted by school children and were carried on outside regular school hours, on voluntary basis they were considered extra – curricular in nature. However when the concept of school curriculum was broadened to include all activities conducted, intramural and interschool sports came to be considered legitimate curricular activities. Intramural sports programme is like a laboratory for appreciation of the objectives of physical education and sports. It has the same relation to require physical education as the school magazine has to journalism and debating has to public speaking. Intramural sports come from inter – class competition. Inter – stream competition, inter – house competition etc. It involves preparation, practice, training and competition.
There is no programme that is enjoyed in the school like intramural sports. If the children are allowed to play and compete they may even not want to go home. Because of the enjoyment in intramural sports even none physical and health education teachers compete for the role of games master / mistress
Intramural sports provide an ample opportunity for imbibing numerous values associated with cooperation, team work, oneness, specialization, proficienty
Holistic education has to emphasize growth in every man of our lives. Intramural, teach us how to manage diets, how to take care of the body, of warming up , and so on. Intramural sport gives one reasons to take time out of his schedule to exercise and get in shape for preferred sports. It helps one cultivate healthy life style and habits that are worth maintaining throughout life.
intramural sports offer opportunity for the poor and the mediocre athlete to express themselves in sports even though the place of the superior athlete in interschool sports. There is great benefit in team work. Intramural sports teachers us that in order to be successful in whatever we do, we need to depend on other as well as making ourselves reliable / dependable for others. In reality, we can never be isolated in life. There are more educational values to be derived when the skilled athlete, the poor and the mediocre athlete compete against opponents of equal ability. The good of the greater number should be emphasized .
All work and no play they say. “Make jack a dull boy” winning is not the only way to enjoy in life. Intramural teaches us that winning is just a bouns. “Seek ye the kingdom and other thing shall be added”. Being too obsessed with winning will cause us to lose out on other things that are more important such as friendship, dedication, confidence and belief.
Intramural sport is a barrier breaker. Difference are forgotten because of shared common love for sport. Interest is heightened and parts to perfection opened. Since and individual enjoys what he does well, the increased skills and satisfaction results in a heightening of all the values. Physical, mental and social which are athletes of a complete person
Intramural sports offers children the opportunities to want more and to do it better. This is a great foundation of hard works. Emphasis should not just be on making good grades in school, allow the activities in the school pass through you. The greater values should be on working harder. It should be a big waste to miss out on other unique opportunities available while one is in school.
1 Every school is expected to put in place, an intramural sports programmes with a form if competition at least once every week. The best time school be in the afternoon after break or when classes are over.
2 The programme. is best headed by a physical education specialist to be designated as director of intramural sports with extra allowance. Ideally the director of intramural sports should not handle teaching and other instructional duties. However, because of staff and fund shortage, most schools cannot afford a full time director. In most schools the games master/mistress has other duties to perform in addition to those connected with the administration of intramural department. He may be the director of athletes or physical education. He is the coach, and instructor of physical and health education.
However, regardless of what his other duties may be the intramural director should be the person best qualified for the position. The person must have an understanding of the relationship between the physical education programme, the intramural and the inter scholastics. The most readily available or preferred individual may not often give the best leadership to the sports programme.
Why intramural should be at school.
Sport they say, helps in building strong bond within her school.
It helps in the discipline among the students.
It helps in protecting the student from indluging in social vices such as drugs, smoking, and drinking.
It teaches the value of team work. It brings the spirit of working together with other students.
Teach the value of sportsmanship. The ability to defeat without fighting which shows the sign of maturity. Helps in rebound the team or group in the next game because you learn from the previous mistake.
Helpa in show casing your talents that others do not have and inspiring them.
Encourage healthy competition in the players.
It helps student to develop cooperate, movement, strength and speed.
The objective of intramural are to ease opportunities for people development in the activities.
Intramural programme provides great opportunity for those who do not have the time or abilities for star competition. It therefore offer the opportunity for competitive interest, and for specialization in preferred area. Because it provide great opportunity for even those who do not have time or abilities for star sports of mass participation are developed ..Criterion for headship of the intramural sports is ENTHUSIASM

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