Indian chef Lata begs Nigerians, “Please do not make it a competition”

Indian chef Lata begs Nigerians, "Please do not make it a competition."

Indian chef and current longest cooking time record holder Lata Tondon, has pleaded with Nigerians and her fellow Indians to maintain peace while waiting for Guinness World Record to give their views on Nigerian chef Hilda Baci’s attempt to break the longest cooking record.  Continue Reading>>>

In a post she shared on her Instagram story, Lata urged that people keep calm and wait for Guinness World Record to either declare if the record she set in 2019 has been broken or not.

According to the Indian chef it is just a record and not a competition hence people should treat it as such.

Lata added that she is a peaceful and loving person hence people should accord her same.  Continue Reading>>>

She wrote: “A humble request to all my sisters and brothers in Nigeria & Indian to maintain peace and eait for Guinness to announce if the Current Record is broken or not. Please don’t make it a Competition it’s just a Record my friends. I am a Peace loving Person and wish same for you.”

See comments here:

Solomon_Buchi: “She had to say this because some people have been harassing her in her comment section. It’s so razz. Gosh.”

VitalNigeria: “another day to love INEC !! Nothing fit Hilda dem not to announce Hilda within her 48hrs of cooking because dem go know say she must break the record !!”

solofficially: “Honestly Nigerians are the most resilient beings in this planet. If your record enter our mind, just forget am..”

Irunnia_: “Why she dey talk like Peter Obi? Na INEC announcement we dey wait for? Make she calm down. Nobody will steal her mandate”

el_crystalz: “Madam prepare for 2 weeks cooking instead of being uncomfortable”

_BigKhalifa: “IDAN no Dey wait for announcement! Na IDAN Dey announce him self”

See screenshot of her post here:

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