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In Your Opinion – Who Is Your Own Personal Artiste Of The Year?


Without sentiments, %80 of all known Nigerian artistes were so on point this year.

Day in day out, the success of the top and currently buzzing artistes stimulated most of them and made them realize how important it is to make good music and be consistent with it.

However, no matter how good the artiste the whole world chooses is, we still somehow choose some artistes as our own personal artiste of the year.

Sometimes, regardless of the awards shows held, we just feel terrified as how and why our favorite artiste wasn’t the winner of the award and we be like, “So so so is my artiste of the year” at the back of our mind.

It might be because some of the music they sing portray what we are going through when they sang it or we find their contents more relatable to.

So Guys, the question we have for you is

Who Is Your Own Personal Artiste Of The Year?

Let us have your sincere say on this

Drop your comments

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