If I Had Gotten To The Senate On The Same Mandate As LP Lawmakers, I’d Still Be There – Shehu Sani

If I Had Gotten To The Senate On The Same Mandate As LP Lawmakers, I'd Still Be There - Shehu Sani

With the 10th National Assembly getting ready to convene for the first time in a few weeks, former Kaduna lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani has come out to insist that Labour Party Senators-elect have been given the kind of mandate he wished he during his days in the Red Chamber.  Continue Full Reading>>>

While delivering a speech at a seminar organized by the Labour Party for its Senators and House of Representatives who were elected in the just-concluded elections, Sani, who represented Kaduna Central Consistuency at the 8th National Assembly, insisted that if he had been elected into the Senate on the mandate of ordinary Nigerians and not that of political godfathers, he would still have been a serving member of the Red Chamber.

He said; “The Labour Party came up because other parties that were supposed to play the role of opposition failed to do it. For those of you who have been elected into office, especially those going to the National Assembly, there will be a lot for you to fight for.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Because you will find yourself having to work with people who are the opposite of the manifestos of your party. This will not be easy. You didn’t come to the office because you have a godfather or because someone paid for you to be there.

If people like me went to the Senate through the kind of mandate that got you there, I will have still been there because I would have continued to do everything to represent the principles, ideals, dreams, and expectations of those who voted me into that office.

There are people who go to the National Assembly through godfathers. These lawmakers will never engage in controversial issues until they have picked up the phone to hear the opinions of their godfathers. Some even go there to occupy a seat that will eventually be bought by a serving governor who will soon leave office.”


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