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“I will gladly wear G-strings to interviews if someone offers me $2million” – Ghanaian ‘towel’ Singer, Feli Nuna

Ghanaian singer, Feli Nuna has said she would gladly wear G-string underwear to interviews if she’s offered $2 million.

The controversial singer who usually appears for interviews in a towel, made this statement in a recent interview with Onua FM’s Anigye Mmre on Wednesday, June 8.

When asked about her signature towel appearance, the singer said it’s part of her brand and would gladly strip to her underwear if someone is willing to pay her $2 million.

Ghanaian towel Singer, Feli Nuna

Her words,

“If there’s money involved, I will do it. If I’m given 2 million dollars, I will do it! I will go and do body goals, it’ll even encourage me to hit the gym. You’ll see my body and marvel, ah it’s so easy. I’ll do it for 2 million dollars and am not kidding.”

“If I can wear it to the beach and swimming pool, why can’t I? I will risk it. I’m ready to risk it all. It is like wearing a bikini and just walking. It’ll even encourage me to eat well and work out.

“The same way it’s a dare, am also daring the people to give me that amount of money, I will do it. If my child asks me in the future, I will be like, that’s why you are driving a posh car sit down and enter the mansion. I will call the chef, chef give my daughter some caviar to eat.”

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