“I packed my belongings and left the house,” a man angrily abandons his wife after his mother-in-law moves in with them

"I packed my belongings and left the house," a man angrily abandons his wife after his mother-in-law moves in with them

A man has narrated the story of how he left his wife after he lost his job and became financially unstable.  Continue Reading>>>

In the story reposted on Twitter by @Ekwulu, the man said his wife’s character changed when she became the breadwinner of the family.

After he lost his job and could not cater for the house, his wife’s earnings became much higher than his.

He said he was surprised when three of his wife’s relatives moved in to live with them in Lekki, Lagos.  Continue Reading>>>

Also, his mother-in-law moved in with them, and this made him more uncomfortable.

Part of the story reads:

“My wife was paying the rent, school fees of the kids etc. It got worst when my wife was promoted, and my mother-in-law moved in. She came into the dining room one evening and said it was only food I like to eat, I told her to keep off my marriage and we had some exchange of words. To cut it short, my wife came back and hell was lose, she said I insulted the mother. Very early the next morning, I picked a few clothes and left.”

Wife loses her job a year later

The man said he left everything he owned in the house and struggled until he got a better job and regained his balance.

He said he is now able to pay his children’s school fees and also take care of their upkeep but vowed not to reconcile with his wife.

His wife has also lost her job and has sought ways to reconcile with him, but the man is adamant.

Read the story below:

Nigerians on Twitter react as man leaves his wife

@FrannyOD said:

“God, please help me to be very patient, very very patient if you choose to test me & my husband. If it ever happens contrary to the norm, know it’s witchcraft oo because that is not the heart you created in me & heal me outta it as fast as possible. Shouldn’t exceed a few secs.”

@Udomingod commented:

“Sorry, is it your own true story or another person’s true story? You’ve encouraged me so well. That same God, who helped you, will help me too.”

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