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I need bigger butts to complement my massive upper region – Actress, Uju Mandy Obi

Nollywood actress, Ujunwa Mandy Obi has revealed that she would love to undergo surgery to enhance her body.

The Heavily endowed Anambra State-born said: “If I have a chance, I would want to change certain things about my body.

I need bigger butts to complement my massive breasts –Actress, Uju Mandy Obi

Well, I wouldn’t say change per say, but to add. If I get the opportunity, I would want to add to my bumbum. I am not greedy, but I don’t have butts to balance my upper endowment. I need bigger butts to compliment it, then I would be fine and satisfied.”

Asked what attracts her in a man, Mandy hinted that she is allergic to poor men. “I have a boyfriend who is very understanding. He does not complain. Also, he doesn’t get jealous seeing me play romantic roles in movies.

I like my man rich and handsome, after all, who doesn’t like good things? But I can’t date a broke guy. I also dislike a guy that is not straightforward,” she disclosed.

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