I Got Credit Alert From A Loan App I Did Not Apply For (Photos)

E ehn wonders shall never end. Is this the new format?

Just now I was surfing the net and gbagaun I got this credit alert from Palmpay loan app.

I did not apply for anything. I was shocked so I went to Play store to download the app and found out that I have the app already on my phone disabled because I can’t remember I ever took a loan from them even though I have collected money from other loan apps and I payback on due dates.

But this one shock me. So I try to login maybe na me forget the response I got is that my number is not registered.

How do I handle this? Because right now me I de broke o and I don swear say I will never do with any loan apps in my life again but this wan shock me.

The money still de the account as I de write no reversal



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