“I Go Swimming a Lot”: Lady Who Hasn’t Bathed in a Month Shares Video, Stirs Mixed Reactions

"I Go Swimming a Lot": Lady Who Hasn't Bathed in a Month Shares Video, Stirs Mixed Reactions

A lady who claims not to have bathed in a month has caused a commotion on social media.  Continue Reading>>>

In a TikTok video wherein she made the revelations, the lady remarked that she is living proof that one doesn’t need to bathe every day to feel good.

Her statement was criticised by netizens, with many doubting her claims and this made her respond in the comment section of the post.

Defending her video, the lady said not bathing every day helps save water in her area, which is experiencing drought.  Continue Reading>>>

To make up for not bathing, she goes swimming.

“Y’all I go swimming a lot so I guess that’s technically showering.

“Also it saves water and Cali is in a drought, ” she wrote.

Watch the video below:


Feels grrreat

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Social media reactions

Samuel said:

“Thanos couldn’t get this type of information outta me.”

“No swimming is not showing because how do you break down dirt and old oils? With soap.”

user5108503656720 said:

“Idk man you went to lift your arms up and your phone passed out…”

Misszazax__ said:

“Even the phone disagreed and ran, not wanting to be part of this joke.”

lex said:

“Y’all this is a joke she’s making fun of the original girl.”

Cacherel said:

“Look and your phone is running away.”

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