‘I Can Withdraw Peter Obi Petition If He Does Not Regard Me As Chairman’ – Calistus Okafor

‘I Can Withdraw Peter Obi Petition If He Does Not Regard Me As Chairman’ – Calistus Okafor


The Labour Party crisis has worsened and expanded in recent weeks. Labour Party factional leader and former deputy national chairperson Calistus Okafor is the latest tremor to rock the party. In an interview with TVC360, Calistus Okafor said that he has the power to revoke the petition of the candidate if he does not recognize Mr. Peter Obi as the temporary National Chairman of the Labour Party.CONTINUE READING>>>


According to him, the party does not recognize Abure as National Chairman because he was merely an interim National Secretary. He claims that the deputies will be the ones to replace the outgoing National Chairman at the next convention. According to him, Abure was not elected as national chairman at a party convention.


“The court suspended Abure, and then the same appeals court reinstated him,” he continued. It would appear that the appeals court has replaced the Federal High Court. My case has been heard by the Supreme Court, and a decision on the National Chairman’s constitutionality will be made soon.CONTINUE READING>>>


However, it should be noted that until a duly constituted convention can replace him, Abure will continue to serve in the role of temporary National Secretary. As there is currently no Chairman of the Labour Party, I have assumed the role and, should Peter Obi disagree with my appointment, he can withdraw his petition. While Abuse in his capacity as acting National Secretary cannot make official Labour Party decisions, Obi should know who to contact.


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