“I Can Cook & Clean”: Bold Nigerian Lady Tells Man as She Toasts Him in Public, His Reaction Breaks Her Heart

“I Can Cook & Clean”: Bold Nigerian Lady Tells Man as She Toasts Him in Public, His Reaction Breaks Her Heart

A Nigerian lady has lamented being rejected after she toasted a fine man she met in a restaurant.  Continue Full Reading>>>

According to her, she professed her love to the man by telling him how her heart calls his name and how she cannot breathe when he is not near.

She also told him she would stand by him between the heavens and the earth, but all these did not impress the man.

She was not discouraged and made a second attempt as she tried to convince the stranger by telling him how she was wife material and a good cook.  Continue Full Reading>>>

The lady added that she could also clean and do anything he wants, as she chipped in that she has a nice backside.

To her disappointment, the man smiled and did not take her up on her love offer.

Her video has stirred reactions online.


Is like this guy is not satisfied with the heavens and the earth i offered him 😭 #loveatfirstsight #askingoutmycrush #boyfriend #love #queencharlotte #fybbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb #viral #ladyhephzibah #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬


Reactions on social media

“This is really courageous. i love boldwomen like you.”

“U just saw someone and love him….dude will think it’s prank.”

“This is wat we go through chyking u all day and being rejected.”

“Try dey do am, for real life, we are tired of online banking.”

“E dey pain Abi,Na so e dey be as a man.”

“This is what we guys face all the time, so see it as a numbers game, approach as many, and select the best out of the ones that agreed to date.”

“That’s my senior brother he told me about it but nevertheless you can chat me up I will agree.”

Lady boldly asks man to toast her

Legit.ng previously reported that a lady had asked a man to toast her.

Phoebe approached the man, a total stranger from a distance and then shouted out to him.

She remained resolute in her demand to be asked out by the man who wasn’t interested at all. He was not having it and clearly told the lady, but she insisted that her demand be met. The incident, which was a prank, happened in public at a place that looked like a park.

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