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how to offer affiliate marketing in 2022

how to offer affiliate marketing in 2022

how to offer affiliate marketing in 2022

best affiliate marketing website examples

Give me just 5 minutes and I will show you 7 hidden businesses that you can do as the year is getting started.


Let me start this article by asking you a question…

How would you feel making 200k to 500k weekly either as a side hustle or main hustle?

Give yourself a genuine answer…

If you answered the question above, you will love the information I’m about to share with you.

The information in this article is basically just to show you some business models you can start up as a side business or main business.

I call this article the golden information, Why? Because the info are proven to work by experts not only experts but normal individuals like me and you can get mind blowing result by going into any of the business models below

I’ll be showing you 7 proven

and highly profitable businesses you can start up right from your home.

With your phone or laptop.

I wouldn’t just show you but I will also give you a guide on how to start earning also.

The 7 proven business model are:










This is a business model you can run from the comfort of your home with no start up capital. You can work at your own convenience and what makes it great?

You don’t necessarily need to disrupt your normal work hours if you have a job.

You can decide to take two to three freelance jobs at a time if it won’t be too stressful on you.


What is Freelancing?

This is the act of selling one’s skill or service to businesses or companies to be paid

per job, day or hour.


So who is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is someone who sells their skills/services to companies or businesses to be paid for each job per day or hour rather than work for the company and receive a salary at the end of the month.

They are kind of like contract workers for companies but they are actually selfemployed selling their skills to multiple clients and getting paid.

I haven’t done this before but I have seen my friends and strangers do it also and they get paid in dollars.

Okay so here is where I’ll tell you the story of my friend who got a job somewhere

in Abuja. Monthly salary was 50k and they are working his bones to the core.

Fortunately for him, he got a freelance job where he helps arrange the companies data for them.

He is getting paid $90 – $100 a week!

Okay, maybe you don’t get what I mean so let me break it down for you. When converted to naira, he earns

his monthly salary in a week.

What’s cool about that? He manages to get the freelance work during his free time

at work so he can flex his weekend well. Lol.

I am very aware that I wrote this story in the present tense because that is exactly

what is going on right now as I type.

This freelancing is actually one good way to earn in dollars here in Nigeria.

So if you’re planning to ‘japa’ (leave this country), you will need at least another

business model apart from the job you got over there to generate you extra dollars.


What kind of skill/service can I freelance?

Pretty sure you’re already thinking of what to do or whatever skill you can actually

sell as a freelancer.

Well, you can freelance any skill that is offered to businesses. What I mean is that

any skill or service that a business needs to help them grow can be offered on a

freelance level.

Business owners pay for this skills on a daily.

Examples of skills you can freelance:

 Copywriting

 Social media marketing

 Content creation

 Email marketing

 Photography/Videography

 Accounting


 Web design etc

The next question on your mind would be where can I sell my skills as a freelancer

Well, there are a lot of freelance sites you can sign up with, set up a profile and start bagging jobs.

I’ll mention a few (you might have already heard of some of them). So let’s see a few:

 Fiverr

 Upwork

 LinkedIn

 Freelancer.com


This are just a few and I’ll advice you also do your personal research on each of them.


PS: you should actually really think deep about learning a high income skill and

selling your services on freelance websites. Why? Because you are paid in dollars.

Plus being paid in dollars (foreign currency) actually makes you live like a king in

Nigeria because of the exchange rate (the only reason why it seems like yahoo boys

are making it in life. Please don’t do fraud).

Also, it’s one of those business you can practically start with little capital.


PSS: if you want to get into selling your skills on Fiverr (the largest online freelance marketplace that connects freelancers with business owners) and you need training on it, I recommend you get this training by Ajeigbe Moruf called Freelancers Money Pot https://tinyurl.com/2s42zy4n

or you can click HERE https://tinyurl.com/2s42zy4n to get the training.


Truth be told, I have seen trainings from different people but nothing beats a training


from someone who is actively doing that business. So I totally recommend his training.


Shall we move on to the next business model?

Oh yes!!!



Have you ever wondered why your friends are going crazy creating YouTube channels and asking you to subscribe??


Have you ever wondered why your favorite celebrities ask you to follow their YouTube


Like when they tell you to keep up with their activities and they would be posting

the full video on YouTube??

Even your Hair dressers ask you to watch their full content on YouTube these days…

Have you ever sat down to ask yourself why?

You love them, you have data and you want to keep up with what they are doing

currently so you click on their YouTube link, subscribe and watch their videos.

That singular act you did dropped some money in their account.


Don’t look so shocked.

No, like seriously close your mouth before it touches the ground. Lol.

Okay, so let me explain how this works well to you.

Are You Ready?


YouTube actually pays you a certain amount of money per view once you hit a

certain number of subscribers!

So let’s say you hit 1000 subscribers and your videos get watched well, YouTube

says a happy “thank you” by dropping some dollars into your account.

Why is this great?

It’s because once your video is made, it will keep getting views by different people

around the world, over and over again.

This is the real passive income.

Create your video, upload and get a certain number of subscribers and views and

your account starts getting credited every month.

Although it might look so easy at first but there are a few things you need to

understand about having a YouTube monetized channel.

It might take a while to hit your specified amount of subscribers,

You have to put out very good and captivating content,

 You must have a particular niche you want to give value on,


Once all this is settled, you’re well on your way to making a whole ton of money from YouTube.

Also, there are other ways of monetizing your YouTube channel and that’s why I

love this passive income model.

You can incorporate other business models into it.

 You can monetize it by influencing for brands,

 You can monetize it by selling your own products,

You can monetize it through YouTube Adsense,

And a whole other stuff.


It’s really a cool source of income and if you’re one for videos I do recommend

you start out.


PS: you would need structured training on how to grow and monetize your channel

really quick without having to waste time making a whole lot of mistakes and

eventually giving up.

So I recommend this YouTube Profits Blueprint training https://tinyurl.com/yhaez7mp by Dr. Malik who has

been recognized by YouTube and Google for his achievements with his YouTube channel.





Well well well, here’s another amazing business model that amazon has made available for you.

Imagine publishing a book and getting paid every time someone reads it.

Not buy it ooo.

Anytime someone reads it.

Lol. Crazily unbelievable right?

Well it is true!

People do get paid as much as $500 – $5,000 a month for books written by them, published on amazon and that other people read.

I am actually thinking of going into this business too, because why not??

I actually love to write and I could even pay someone to write the book for me!

It’s a great passive income business model with little investment.

Almost like information marketing… lol

Do you want to know another shocking thing about Amazon Publishing?

Then keep on reading cause this one is another banger!

You can get paid for publishing audio books on amazon too!!

I mean, you will get paid for each person that listens to your audio book on amazon.

Mad ooo!! Lol….

What is an audiobook you ask?

It is basically a recording of a book that is read out loud. This means you can listen to your favorite novel just like music…. Sweet!!!

So imagine writing a book or creating an audio book and getting paid per person

who reads or listens…

Easy passive income as this kind of product would always be read or watched by

people who are interested and have just seen it…

Oh plus those who love to re-read or listen again… I know how many times I read

the book ‘LBCM https://tinyurl.com/2p8v9bva (How to turn yourself into a Live Breathing Cash Machine)’… if the author was getting paid for each read, he sure made a lot

of money off me.



PS: even though it sounds so easy to do, there are technicalities to it, Process you must take so as not to waste your time.

Now if this is a business that also interests you, I’ll recommend you get more

information from people already active in the business.

Lucky for you, I know two of such people who can give you a mentorship on this

kind of business.

Want to publish e-books on various topics and earn from them


Get trained by one of the highest earning amazon book publishers Gbenga Akinwole.

Steal the secrets to his success in the amazon publishing business

in his training Passive Income Machine.https://tinyurl.com/fs4w63f9.

Want to publish audio books instead and earn from them monthly?

Get trained by Oluseyi Obasi, a Nigerian living in Canada who does this for

passive income. Steal her secrets to publishing successful audio books in her

masterclass The Audio Book Publishing Blueprinthttps://tinyurl.com/bdar97ht.

Let’s move on to the next business model you need to know about….




As we all know, marketing is the backbone of any business and you need to know that now before starting any business of your choice!

Here we go again, this is another business I so so so so love!

I mean, I’m totally such a lazy person this business model is the best fit for me!

I don’t create or import any products.

I don’t keep inventory of any product.

I don’t deal with customer care or anything of the sort.

I don’t have any employees and the best part?

I am my own boss! Working at my own convenience.

This particular business model has been in existence, dare I say, since the beginning

of time? Lol

Amazon introduced this model which has helped them generate over $300 billion in

revenue. Uber uses this model… even those guys at computer village use this model

(they may not even know what they are doing. lol)

What makes this business so suitable for the lazy man? All you have to do is SELL.

Yes, just sell. That’s your job.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process where by a person signs up with a company and

helps them sell their products in order to receive a percentage commission of the

product sold.

A person who does this type of business is called an affiliate.

Simply, an affiliate is someone who connects vendors to buyers and receives a commission for successful sales.

You know I like examples so let me give you one now.

For instances, you sign up with an affiliate company and you pick a product worth

N20,000 with 50% commission.

It means you would earn N10,000 on every successful sale of that product.

Like I said, you work at your own pace in affiliate marketing and can decide to sell

only one or more products a month.

Now if you sell only one of that product in a month, all you have for that month is

N10,000. You sell two of the same product in a month, N20,000 for the month.

Imagine if you sell one of the same product every week, that means 4 times in a month, so you earn N40,000 for the month.

If you sell the product once every day, you earn N300,000 for the month…

I guess you’re catching my drift now.

Affiliate marketing can be done both online and offline but I’m focusing on the

online aspect right now.

But permit me to talk about the offline affiliate marketing with an example

Earlier this year (2021), around June, my sister was preparing for her graduation so she requested I take her to the market, so I obliged.

So the next day, we went to the market looking for a nice pair of heels that will make her stand out, my sister is the fashion trending type and get her taste of heels was difficult.

We first went to our favorite shopping place in the market but couldn’t come up with any one that suits her taste so we started touring the whole market, almost at the verge of giving up, two guys walked up to us.

We told them our problem and they almost pushed us while jostling for whose marketing abilities was better. They kept going and going trying to convince us to buy from them and they also offered the best set of heels.

One said something that caught my attention. He gave us a very good guarantee and we then followed his to their shop.

Long story short, his wasn’t the owner of the shop but he was able to offer what we couldn’t resist, we buy the heel and he got his commission, Everyone went back happy and for filled.

You see what happened there? He connected a buyer to a vendor and he doesn’t own a


Now for the online affiliate marketing…

How do you make money with affiliate marketing online?

Pick a reputable affiliate company and sign up (either for free or paid. 90% chance you would pay).

Research a market you would like to sell to,

Find out their most pressing problem,

Pick a product from the ones listed in the affiliate platform that can solve the target market problem,

Create a good marketing strategy for this product online,

 Sell it like crazy!

Here’s something else you need to consider before signing up with an affiliate company.

We have different affiliate platforms all over the place now. Back in the day,

it wasn’t so.

In fact, it was so bad that Nigerians were hardly allowed to sign up with foreign

affiliate companies.


Now that we have some in Nigeria now, you need to understand the two unique

types of affiliate programs.


1) The In-House Affiliate Program:

This means an affiliate program that is managed by the company itself without

the help of any third-party network.

It means if you sign up as an affiliate for this type of companies, you only get

to sell whatever the company owns.

So if the company only owns drugs or drugs and lab coats, that’s what you’re going to sell.

No varieties.

Examples of platforms like this are Jumia, Nairabet, Piggyvest even Amazon

Permit me to tell you another story. So around April 2020, I started training people

online for hair importation.

My human hair importation class was priced at N5,000 (it was still information

marketing but I didn’t even know) at the time.

While I was still planning how to go about advertising for the class, a friend of mine

gave me an idea (I also believe he didn’t even know what he was talking about then. lol).

He said “why not tell people about your class. Tell them if they help you advertise

it and they get friends who are interested and pay for the class, you would give them

a certain percentage of the money”.

At first I was skeptical about it. Later on, I decided the worst that would happen

would be that they wouldn’t get anyone interested.

So I made it known to my friends and what happened next shocked me.

First of all, I did say they could make at least N5,000 (which I thought wouldn’t be

possible for one person. Lol.)

Then this lady went and made N10,000 at a go. I paid out over N20,000 in referral

commissions but she got the bulk of it.

She got a unique link and went about her marketing on WhatsApp and connected 10

ladies to me who got the class. She was paid N1,000 (20% of N5,000) for each

person who paid for the class.

This should explain In-house affiliate marketing better. I was the only merchant and

it was only one product I owned at the time and that’s all she could sell.

2) The Affiliate Network Program:

This means a platform that allows for merchants and affiliates to interact with each other.

Merchants are allowed to list their various products on the affiliate network

and the affiliates get to choose one or more of the products listed to promote,

sell and earn a commission.

For example: if you sign up with Expertnaire (the first robust affiliate platform

in Nigeria), you would have access to over 30 high converting/commission

paying products for you to promote.




In as much as I said you would make money from affiliate marketing with this steps

Pick a reputable affiliate company and sign up (either for free or paid. 90% chance you would pay). Research a market you would like to sell to

Find out their most pressing problem

Pick a product from the ones listed in the affiliate platform that can solve the

target market problem

Create a good marketing strategy for this product online

Sell it like crazy!

The thing is that majority of the people go through all the steps but ignore the most

important step ‘Creating a good marketing strategy for this product online’.

When it comes to running an affiliate marketing business online, there are some

basic skills one needs to possess before you can get it done successfully.

Some of this skills are:

Copywriting: this is literally the main backbone of any marketing strategy

online. The adverts you would run depend so much on your ability to

persuade people (especially Nigerians) to choose you over another person.

Social media marketing: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. your

customers are all on these applications. Your ability to grab their attention on

these apps would help you a lot when it comes to business online.


Web tech: not only does this skill give you thousands of naira when

mastered, it also helps with affiliate marketing online. Being able to create

one page websites that would help you collect quality leads after your adverts

(funnel building) is very important in online business. It’s wise to learn this

to avoid overpaying website developers while you are just starting out your business.


Graphic Design: just like web tech, this is another skill that can generate

thousands to millions of naira if mastered properly. It’s also wise to learn it

to avoid paying so much while you’re just starting out.

All these skills combined with a few others help you create a good marketing

strategy for your online affiliate business.

That’s why I will advise you to get the 72IG affiliate marketing course https://tinyurl.com/yc8rk5v5 as it is a

complete guide on how to get started with affiliate marketing online. It was created

by Toyin Omotoso (owner of Expertnaire and a top internet marketer ).


PS: this affiliate marketing course would set you up as a pure digital marketer even

as you apply what you learn in affiliate marketing. The opportunities from this

course alone are endless.

You could watch this free video on what affiliate marketing is all about.

Click HERE. https://tinyurl.com/yc8rk5v5


PSS: I personally signed up on the expertnaire platform through the 72IG affiliate

marketing course and it has been wonderful all the way. Here is a little proof of how

the notification comes when you make a sale for a product and you get paid every Friday on Expertnaire.




Your sales commission are gathered up in your Expertnaire affiliate account

till it’s paid on Friday.



You can also become a 6 figure affiliate if you take up the 72IG training.

Click HERE https://tinyurl.com/yc8rk5v5 to get the free training.

Oh and if you want to take affiliate marketing up a notch and start earning in

dollars, you can get this training by Mr Michael Olatunji called CPA AFFILIATE MASTERY.https://tinyurl.com/yck6kzsa



Just picking a product and promoting it any where doesn’t guarantee your

success in affiliate marketing. The MARKETING is the main aspect and you need

to learn that before anything else.

The affiliate marketing business has created an avenue for young (especially) and

old to make millions off the internet. Young people driving fancy cars and going on

fancy trips all sponsored by the revenue they generate from this business model.

Affiliate marketing is a very huge industry and it’s not about to die anytime soon.

The best part?!! You can do it from anywhere in the world.

Also if you have a business of your own, you could incorporate the affiliate

marketing business model into it and make more money for yourself while helping

others too. Just like I did in my story.

Just make sure there’s a product to be sold and bought.

If you are truly interested in the business model… learn more about it here by

watching this free training video. https://tinyurl.com/yc8rk5v5

Let’s move on to another model

Shall we?




Have you ever wondered where most of the things you use in Nigeria comes from?

I bet you have.

But have you ever asked yourself why a lot of people go into selling shoes, clothes,

bags etc.

even though the market women and men already do it and it seems

everything is saturated??

That is because they use a business model that allows them to bring in this items to

Nigeria and sell at double or more the price.


What is Smart E-Commerce?

This is a business model which involves you searching for a useful product that can

solve the problems of people (maybe it can reduce their stress or give them a result

that would boost their ego.) from China (especially), Turkey, US etc.

After which you buy these products at very cheap prices from the manufacturers in

this countries and bring them to Nigeria (importation).

Then you sell the products you imported at higher prices, almost double the initial

price, gaining very good profit.

So let’s use an example to explain this:

You go on 1688 (a popular Chinese website like Jumia) and search for waist trainers.

Let’s assume you sell clothing people can wear to the gym and decide to add waist

trainers for women.

After searching through products, finally see one waist trainer at the price of

$18 (N9,540 if you use N530/$ to calculate).

You then buy 100pcs and ship it down to Nigeria.

When importing goods, there are fees you pay which are shipping and custom fees.

So let’s say you factored in the price of shipping to Nigeria, the price of one waist

trainer might move up to N11,000.

Meaning the 100pcs of waist trainer that you bought cost you about 1.1million naira

to import.

You then decide to sell one waist trainer at N22,000.

Let’s say you were able to sell all your waist trainers in the space of one month.

Let’s do a rough calculation:

N22,000 x 100pcs = N2,200,000

You made 2.2 million naira in one month.

But that is not your true profit now, so how do you know your true profit?

You will deduct all the expenses made before and during sales. So this is what I

basically mean. You probably spent money on adverts, waybill (maybe you did free delivery), shop rent and not to forget the buying cost.

For example: you spent

Adverts – N50,000

Free Delivery – N100,000

Purchase cost from China to Nigeria – N1,100,000

Adding it all up gives you a total of N1,250,000 spent on the business.

Your true profit would be to deduct the money spent i.e. your expenses from the

money made.

N2,200,000 – N1,250,000 = N950,000

So in everything, N950,000 is your profit.

950k in a month is not that bad now is it?

The good thing about Smart E-commerce is that you don’t necessarily need to focus

on only one product.

You can also sell products very similar to what you first imported.

Okay, let’s see this scenario.

The lady who bought that waist trainer from you obviously wants to reduce tummy

fat which ultimately would mean she would have to lose some body fat or maybe

arm fat and she would most likely go to the gym or work out at home.

You can end up also importing arm trainers or gym workout clothes and of course

you would have a market ready to buy either one or all of what you sell.

As long as the product can solve a problem and there’s a ready market to buy it,

you’re good to go.

A lot of Nigerians are cashing out on a low with this. I’m in a subsector of this Smart

E-commerce (Hair Importation) and I used it to generate over a million naira on

WhatsApp alone in 2020 (and I wasn’t even that serious with it, lol).

I know people who do 300k or more a month with this business model. You might

see them doing their thing on WhatsApp or Instagram and you will be laughing at them.

Hmmm, they are busy raking in a lot of cash o!

NOTE: one good thing about this Smart E-commerce is that you can start it with

little to zero capital and still rake in lots of cash. Amazing stuff!!

Now, if you want to go into the Smart E-commerce business and really succeed in it, you can’t just jump into it like that…

You are probably already thinking of how to find the 1688 site and start importing goods. Lol.

Please wait before you enter fire.

For you to succeed in this business, you need

Proper knowledge of importation from China, US, Turkey etc.

A big market that would be easily profitable. For example: Fashion items or gadgets

A product that would effectively cater for the wants of this huge market you have identified.

The product must solve a pressing problem or satisfy their wants/needs/greed

Purchase the product at very low prices

Set up your marketing strategy for the products

Sell the products to the huge market over and over again.

The most important thing about the Smart E-commerce is that you purchase or import only what people want to buy. This is why people run preorders.

Oh and I’m sure you wonder how this big brands get to brand their products…

this is another big aspect of Smart E-commerce.

You get to tell the producers of this products in whatever country you’re buying from to help you brand your business name on your products. Cool, isn’t it?


PS: To seriously make it in this business model, there’s one major skill you must have and that’s the skill of Marketing and Selling. Get this skill right and any business you go into would surely generate cash for you.

PSS: if you are fully interested in starting a profitable side business like this

then I recommend you read this book called 10x Ecommerce Secrets https://tinyurl.com/yc26659y by

Jonathan O Melody.

He is one of the best e-commerce coaches in Nigeria and he exposed all the secrets

of the e-commerce business in this book.

Click Here https://tinyurl.com/yc26659y to get a copy of this amazing book.

Shall we move on to the next business model??





This is another amazing business model that rakes in cool cash for you…

It’s basically for lazy people, lol don’t take it personal…

It’s a real money making machine that can truly generate you hundreds of thousands

with little to zero capital.

Providing people with information on what they are dying to know is a really big

market where money keeps flying around.

I mean, why do you think schools keep popping up every day?

People keep paying for information either for personal growth or just because they

need it even if they may not use the certificate (e.g. you spend 4-5 years in university

just to dump the certificate later).

And why is Information Marketing a bomb ass money making machine?

It’s simply because it deals with selling updated information on things people truly

want to know.

Schools don’t do that. Schools are still living in the past. Their curriculum hasn’t

changed for years. They are still using the 1990 curriculum, when the world has gone into 2021 and still moving.

New information and technology keep popping up every minute and schools can’t keep up with that.

Okay, for example, which school is going to teach you how to make money online??

Or how to raise funds for your own business?

Or how to sell like crazy using WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram?

Wait! Is any school going to teach you how to relocate to Canada without

writing IELTS?

Is any school going to teach you smart Ecommerce??

None, I thought so too.

People who sell information get laughed at a lot by friends and family because they

just don’t understand it.

Let me simplify this for you, when you need information on a pressing matter where do you run to?

Google and YouTube mostly.

Let’s focus on YouTube. People who sell information on YouTube hardly ever give

you the full content and yet! Once they hit a certain number of view time, YouTube pays them.

And you still end up paying for their knowledge to!

Information marketing is truly the laziest way to make money online because you

could literally have nothing in your bank account at a particular time

But if you have information on something people want to know, you create it into

an information product, find good marketing strategy and sell to the right audience

and you could generate as low as 20k to 50k or more in a week!!

I have been involved in a lot of information products and selling especially on

WhatsApp has generated over 1million naira for me from the year 2020 when I

discovered it (story for another day).

Permit me to digress a bit and tell you a little of my story in this area.

So I took a course on graphics design with Canva from a lady I found on Instagram

at N1,000 (we were more than a hundred in that class).

After practicing the course and using it till date for my designs…. I realized some

friends of mine kept asking me how I did my designs… they truly wanted to know.

So I thought, instead of explaining one by one to each of them (which was tiring by the way) …

why not create a course to teach them and sell it. The one’s who truly

want the information and would use it would pay.

So I did and told them about it. Priced the class at N1,000 too and lo and behold!

In January 2021, It got me over 60k (I ran no advert) and has still kept on generating

income for me till now.

Another example is of what I did recently around October, 2021. I created an

information product that trains people on how to create and sell their own

information product.

Lol. Kind of funny isn’t it?

That information product was priced at N2,500 for just 20 people. I called it the Sell

Your Brain class. It generated over 50k. yes! Over 20 people paid for the class.

Information product can generate you a lot of money once launched and

continuously after.


PS: notice the lady I learnt graphics from had over 100 people in her class, meaning

a 100k in her bank account. I made over 60k the first time I put my graphics course

out there. Such a lazy way to make money. Click here for your registration (https://tinyurl.com/2kt5vnz6)



Secret: this information marketing generated thousands and millions for people

during the lockdown. You probably saw it everywhere on WhatsApp and probably

laughed at the people doing it to

So this is how you can literally go from zero to 50k or more. You can even do this

without having a brand name, office or employees!

Note: the information you sell doesn’t necessarily have to be from something you

have experienced, known or created before (I’ll talk about it in the next model).

But I usually say it’s preferable to sell information you are well grounded in which

means you might have known or experienced doing that thing before (I hope you understand me).

For example, in April 2020 just when corona started and borders were locked so

importation was put on hold, I decided to hold a training on hair importation.

This was mainly because there was a pause in my hair importation business due to

the lockdown, a lot of girls wanted to know about it and had kept asking plus I

really didn’t want to just do nothing throughout that period.

So I put together a class on hair importation. The class was held in a WhatsApp


In one week, I made N130,000. The class was priced at N5,000.

I could also decide to run the class twice in a month….

You know what that means right? Lol.

Information marketing creates mind blowing income that will Wow you… It also have its perks.




Your eye is already growing big again but before you go and start creating any type

of information product you need to know this!!

Any information you want to sell must give your target audience an answer to

their pressing problems or help them achieve a certain desire they have.

It must be what they WANT to buy!!

Money actually works with demand and supply.

If the information you are selling isn’t in demand…. Sorry.

So how can you make money from this Information marketing?


i.Find and choose a product topic people will want to know about and buy (it

might even be something you do well… maybe you can makeup well)


ii.Turn the information into product for your audience


iii.Set up a good marketing system for the information product


There is no specific amount you can make from information marketing. A lot of

people are still getting it wrong while others are making thousand and millions from it.

All is in the MARKETING, get the marketing right most importantly!

You can actually sell your information product in different ways now


1. As an audio or video course


2. As a seminar


3. As a tutorial or coaching


4. As a pdf eBook

You can search for the info markets that are raking in a lot of money now and start

from there.

Some of this markets are:


How to make money (Finances, Business, Investing)

Relationships (Dating, Marriage and even Sex)

Beauty and Fashion

Each of this markets have categories and sub-categories… so you see?

The opportunities here are endless.


PS: if you want to go into information marketing, don’t just rush into it… I know I

gave you good information here but you still need more. I’m still learning myself so

I’ll recommend you learn to.


PSS: If you want to try this business model, I could teach you the exact way I do

mine for N2,500 just like I taught the others. Click HERE if you are interested.


You can also get training on information marketing from Jonathan Melody. Nobody

does it like he does so I totally recommend it.

The training is called Information Business Machines (IBM) https://tinyurl.com/yck6ew5j by Jonathan Melody.

You should check it out.

Click here https://tinyurl.com/2p99fw2w to get it at the current discount rate!!


Shall we move on to the next one??

Let’s move




Did you know you could sell landed properties that you do not own?

Did you know you could actually sell houses and lands without owning them


Did you know about the mad money involved in this business model??

I don’t think you do. So let me explain Real Estate Marketing to you right now.


Real Estate Marketing is the act of marketing and selling real estate properties with

the aim of receiving commissions with each sale.

I mean you sell houses and land belonging to real estate firms and get paid

commissions on each sale you make.

Lol, I bet you’re already imagining all those house agents who walk up and down,

forcing their flyers in your face and looking like they haven’t eaten in 8 months…

No, scratch that thought. I’m talking the big thing here especially with the amazing

opportunities the internet has brought for us.

Here’s what I’m talking about. If you are going into the real estate marketing as an agent for a company, you would be called a realtor.

Now here’s how it actually works

You would find a good and reputable real estate company to sign up with. You would

need a good company with a very good marketing education for their realtors so you

can learn how to sell the properties very well.

Now it would be time for you to go out and market the properties. So let’s look at

this little example:

Let’s say a plot of land with your company sells at N1,500,000 and you get paid a

commission of 15% when you make a sale.

You make maybe 2 sales for plots of land in one month

Each land is N1,500,000 and 15% of that amount is N225,000

You sold two plots that month, meaning your commission is N450,000.

That’s not bad for a side business or even a main stream income, is it?

Some of this real estate companies also provide an avenue whereby they pay you

commissions based on the number of sales made by anyone you brought in to work

for the company.

So basically it means this, if you referred someone to work with the real estate

company (the person signs up under you), when the person makes sales, you are paid

a percentage of the money gotten from the sales.

This percentage is usually lower than what you get. You might be getting something like 2% to 5% commission from that.

So let me explain with an example

You tell about 10 of your friends about this cool opportunity to sell land they don’t

own and receive commissions for it.

Five of them are excited and sign up with the company under you. Out of the five of them,

two actually take the business serious and start making sales.

If one sells 2 plots of land and the other sells one plot of land that month, they each

receive their 15% commission while you receive let’s say 4% from their sales

4% of N1,500,000 is N60,000

N60,000 x 3 (all the sales made by your friends that month) = N180,000

Imagine that same month you sold 4 plots of land and received your 15% commission

N225,000 x 4 = N900,000

Adding both your commission and that gotten from your friends

N900,000 + N180,000 = N1,080,000

You made over a million naira that month…. crazy!

There’s real money in the real estate business and this is just a small aspect of it.

The good thing is that, you are not restricted to just one company…

No, you are allowed to sign up with other real estate companies and market their properties to!

I also like this business model because the company just wants you to sell properties for them,

you’re not under pressure so you can basically work at your own pace…

How cool is that?!

Before you get too excited about 1million a month, remember it does take time to build a business.

You might not sell anything in your first two months or more but the truth is once

you get the hang of marketing which is the backbone of this business, it won’t be long before you start earning your desired amount.


PS: before you come to ask me for more advice on this, I haven’t sold any real estate before…

probably may go into it soon or later (there are lot of businesses to choose from).

I have friends into it though making serious money from it,

so I can share a bit of the information I got from them with you.

Also, just because you signed up with a real estate company, it doesn’t mean you would get paid…

You have to sell properties before you earn a commission. No Sale, No Commission. Kapish?! Kapish!!

Just like the Smart E-commerce, your eye is already shining big with the opportunity

you have seen here and you are already mapping out in your mind how to find a real estate company to sign up with.

Lol, calm down first.

For you to succeed in this business, you need this


A good real estate firm to sign up with (one or plenty, choice is yours)


The desire and unbelievable focus to make money from this business.


A good marketing system (na real estate marketing, remember that) to push your deals to your ideal customers


Get good coaching on real estate marketing.


Sell till your hearts content


PSS: if you want to get into the real estate business and need training on it, I recommend you try this training by Yusuf Oyafajo called The Real Estate Monopoly https://tinyurl.com/yck6fd69

Marketing or you can click HERE https://tinyurl.com/yck6fd69 to get the training.



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