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How to Make Money By Listening to Music in 2022

How to Make Money By Listening to Music in 2022

How to Make Money By Listening to Music in 2022
Music Platforms You Can Earn From and How Much They Pay: A blog about the different music platforms you can use to earn from. This could sound silly, but you can make money just listening to music. People are being paid to listen to their music in increasing numbers.
Is it possible to make money by listening to music?
You may genuinely listen to music and get paid for it, as crazy as it may seem. Of course, it depends on a variety of elements, including your fan following, the websites with which you collaborate, and the quantity of evaluations you can supply for music business ideas.

5 Ways to Make Money by Listening to Music in 2022

Today, many websites pay music fans to listen to, review, and rate music. The amount of money you can make is determined by the site and the type of job that you do for them. Reviewing new music, for example, may earn you more money than listening to a curated radio station.

So, Let’s go into the real deal of the day!!!

Tips to Making money while you listen to songs On your device below!!!

1. By Watching Music Videos
Watching videos is one way to get money while listening to music. Some websites may also need you to participate in online surveys in addition to watching videos. You will be able to boost your overall income by completing the surveys. Curating music for YouTube bloggers, businesses, and other artists can also be a source of cash for you.
2. By Giving radio Stations Feedback.
Radio stations on the internet are always on looking for the next great thing. Many radio stations pay listeners to listen to music and provide feedback before releasing it widely.

3. By Reviewing Music
Talk about the latest releases from your favourite or random artists, (mostly done by people who are musically inclined). The categories are usually the lyrics (for example, You will Explain whether the song was meaningful or not), this involves Judging the vocals, the instrumentation, quality of performance, general impression of the album/song, and its originality. Users are paid to review music on websites like Playlist Push and Hit Predictor. You must be precise in your reviews in order to increase your earning possibilities.

4. By Writing Song Lyrics or Lyrics Translation
As a Music lover, you can make money out of writing, publishing or translating lyrics of a particular songs you’re listening to. Working as a lyricist is another simple option to make cool cash. Blogs like WeLocalize and other similar sites pay well for lyrics translation job.

5. By Referrals
Referring people to websites like legitvibes to stream, Download or Promote music is another simple and effective way to add money to your bank account. The LV media team pays users every time they refer new people especially music Artists to its platform.
One might ask, How much does one get paid listening to music?
Since every site pays differently, your average monthly earnings will differ, If you take this seriously, on average you will be able to make anywhere between $50 dollars to $200 dollars a month to get paid to listen.

If you’re in Nigeria, your earnings is about N25,000 to N120,000 naira per month respectively.
We hope you enjoyed our article about the different music platforms that you can use to earn from. Each platform has different benefits and will suit different artists in different ways, so we hope this guide will help you find the platform that’s right for you. If you’d like to share your experience of any of the platforms listed above, please leave a comment below or send us an email at

Thank you for reading and we hope you find the right platform for you!


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