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How to make a cockroach bread.


How to make a cockroach bread.

I know some people will be wondering if this will possible but trust me a lot of can be created according to science, Do well to visit our blog for update.

As we all know what cockroach is, I will be to talking about it, just in case of some people that don’t know about it. So in a lay man knowledge, COCKROACH : is a pest or an insect that is commonly in the house, they are known as domestic pest thought they are disease carrying pest. You will see them mostly at night especially in the dark area of your house and stores where you store your food. They have there kingdom phylum and also their food chain.

Types of Cockroach

We have three different types

White body cockroach

Brown body cockroach

Black body cockroach ( mostly found at the stores )

White body cockroach and black body cockroach are not commonly seen because of their rare and you get to see them during the winter then the brown body cockroach, they are the most common cockroach around the world especially in Nigeria. You get to see them everywhere including during the day. That is if you don’t vent your house properly and cleaning your house.

How to make a cockroach bread.

You get to see this cockroach bread all over your house but you don’t know what it is because you don’t have the knowledge and mostly see where this cockroach lives. So follow me slowly so you will know how to make it or identify it when you see it. Items for the bread; they are



Some quantity of butter for moisturizing,

Bread with fungi

A good spot to get the cockroach out of it’s crab place

Proceeds on how to prepare it. ( cockroach bread )

after getting all the required item’s for the bread, then you will need to get baking table or any other table can serve this purpose then, place the cheese on the table and put some butter on it to make I soft and ready to cement with the bread then once you are done melting the cheese if possible make it in a powdered way for easy mixture with the bread, then bring some salt and pour on the bread and also add some quantity of butter on the bread (because the bread is now old and with fungi and it can hold itself properly) and mix it together. Press, turn and mix all the ingredients together and if possible you can add some baking soda, it helps in digestion. Then once you are done with everything then, the next thing is to bake it over the oven

Bake for about 10 minutes to help holding all the ingredients together, after baking then the next thing is to find a good spot for the cockroach maybe you want to use them for experiment or something else. Mostly this tips is used in the laboratory. Remember the spot should be in a dry place and also a dark area. After placing your cockroach bread on that spot allow the dark to fall. then set your catcher to help you keep to cockroach for you when you are not around the pick them

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