A way to do discipline – discipline

The way to do discipline

How to do discipline – discipline.
Have you ever ever thought of discipline, even to administer some thought to do to discipline, in life discipline seems to be or that discipline may be a virtue everybody should posses because it’ll also determine the respect you will get from people around you.
So what’s discipline, discipline can be defined as an act or a practice that makes people obey rules And regulations, teach people the standard of human behavior and also been enable to punish them when they disobey or when they do not follow orders. Moreover discipline and rule makers are best handled by the parents, teachers, headmaster, leaders and law makers. So this people makes sure that the laws are always kept and abided.
So do you think discipline is a skill: the whole story been cut short, discipline is said to be a learned skill so it is not an inborn character, so you train yourself to earn discipline. The best way to teach yourself discipline is to teach it through dedication and intentional practice.
Ways to master discipline.
DO YOU KNOW YOUR WEAKNESS: as we all know that as a human being you must have a weakness or even many of them your weakness maybe sleeping, eating, angry, talking and so on. For you to gain control over things you must know how to control or discipline yourself.
AVOID CERTAIN TEMPTATION: you should know what may or will lead you into doing what you are taking precautions for, such as sleeping, if you have that problem of sleeping early or late, then you have to fix an activity at that times maybe going to see a friend, watching football or doing somebody lucrative and so on.
CREATE NEW THING SUCH AS ACTIVITIES: activities like self meditation that can lead to comtemplatation, you will think about a lot of things which will be helpful to you, create ideas, make new friends that will teach you a lot of things and also study there lives, how they do their things because it can be said to be, the ability to manage yourself and your friends even people around you without causing any issues with them.
EAT HEALTHY AND LIVING HEALTHY: do you know that the environment you stay, can determine how discipline and cultured you are or you will be. If your surrounding is noisy then if you are not disciplined enough then you will become noisy. Hunger can cause mood swing, so it is advisable to take your three square meal s everyday and also eat a lot of fruit but remember everything you eat must have quality. Discipline will teach you that you do not eat everything that passes around or across you.
Discipline has a lot of benefits because it enables you to make choice and act according to their action and the outcomes. It also empower the inner strength to avoid laziness and procrastination. It will also help you in your association with people and living healthy

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