How did the woman who had four legs and two private parts became that way? Here is the answer

How did the woman who had four legs and two private parts became that way? Here is the answer

In this article, we would be looking at the story of a woman who had four legs and two private parts. How did she became this way? What happened to her? All your questions would be answered in this article.  Continue Reading>>>

Who was the Woman with Four Legs?

You might find it hard to believe but Josephine Myrtle Cobin existed. Who is she? Well,

she is known to many as the woman who had four legs and two private parts. Josephine was born in Tennessee, London County, two decades ago, in 1868.  Continue Reading>>>

According to medical reports which we have come to see more often in recent times, Josephine Myrtle Cobin’s surplus legs weren’t hers. Who did they belong to them? They belonged to her twin sister.

Now, Josephine didn’t have a twin that people could see but the reports indicated that she was conjoined.

She had a rare case of twin conjoining known in medical terms as dipygus.

The upper part of her body had the features of a regular person; one head, a pair of eyes and ears, a mouth, two arms and other body parts.

However, the lower part of her body had things in double forms. Her legs were twice the number and so was her private part.

It was almost impossible for Josephine Myrtle Cobin to move as her inner pair of legs were considerably smaller than the other pair.

She couldn’t use the inner legs for walking as they were far too small to able to handle the pressure of carrying Myrtle.

At 19 years of age, Josephine Myrtle Cobin got married. She married a medical practitioner, a doctor by the name Clinton Bicknell.

The couple had four beautiful daughters and a lovely son together.

According to reports, out of the four children she had, three were birthed from one set of organ while the remaining two were birthed from the other organ.

The details of what the gender of these two classes of children is unknown.

On the 6th of May, 1928 (a century ago), Josephine Myrtle Cobin went to meet the lord. She died in Texas.

Documented reports told us that her lower body was not fully functional. She could not use her inner pair of legs as they were smaller.

Those legs had only three toes on each foot as they were not completely and properly formed.

However, the private parts worked just fine. If it hadn’t, the reports wouldn’t have told us of how she gave birth using both channels.

Technology was not so developed in those days.

We cannot tell for sure if she lived a comfortable life. It is possible that she would have been more happier if she was born in this generation.

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