Tuesday, January 18, 2022

HELP! Guys, Can You Date This Kind Of Girl? Should I Continue With Her?

Hello dear readers, how are you and how have you been?

I’m not good at writing so pls bear with me anyhow you see this.

I’m a young man 24yrs old and my girlfriend is 22, I just finished my undergraduate studies and am about to go to NYSC.

While my girl is still in school, but she’s already into some online business making good and enough money for herself, money that ordinarily she can use to start up a good life.

She does not know how to spend which I have complained about severally, I don’t really blame her due to the fact that she gets money at any given time she needs it.

She can be paid 100k today and be broke in the next 3 days calling me and disturbing me for a recharge card and all sorts of things she can actually do herself.

I normally give this to her but it’s now becoming worse and unbearable no matter the amount she gets, she’ll spend it on you in less than one week with no reasonable thing to show for and you’ll be amazed.

To cut it all short, I’m still unemployed, but I normally do some little jobs that bring me cash just change compared to what my girl makes in a month.

Let me add that she’s a very supportive girl, helped me during my school when I had issues.

I’ve talked and talked now she tags me a nagging guy, and that I have poverty mentality by telling her to have some savings not for me but for herself

I’ve just tried and cos she’s not changing keeps doing the same thing

I’m even scared of taking the relationship to the next stage.

Cos if things fall out for her

I’ll be the one to take care of her excessive and exorbitant spending. And I’m just a guy who’s starting life

Please I Need Advise

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