“He Was the Abuser”: Saint Obi’s Wife’s Cousin Claims He Shut Out Their Family, Woman Built His Two Mansions

"He Was the Abuser": Saint Obi's Wife's Cousin Claims He Shut Out Their Family, Woman Built His Two Mansions

After the death of veteran actor Saint Obi, many claims have been laid by his close friends and colleagues concerning his quiet lifestyle.  Continue Reading>>>

The late actor’s wife’s cousin has allegedly stirred the conversation in a new direction, claiming Obi was not the saint people are painting him to be.

According to a post by blog, Mylagoslately, the cousin revealed that the late actor was the abuser in the marriage.

The statement also disclosed that Obi’s two mansions, one in his hometown and the other in Lagos, were built by his wealthy wife, and he denied her family access to the homes.  Continue Reading>>>

This fresh claim is coming days after journalist Zik Zulu Okafor and filmmaker Zeb Ejiro opened up on how much Saint Obi’s wife and her family made him suffer till he died.

See the post below:

Netizens react to the claim


“I told you people let’s hear from both side! No woman will just deny her husband of not seeing the kids! 99% of our women are good and kindhearted.”


“His dead now suddenly all d news Dey fly out … why didn’t u call him out when he was abusing ur sister?”


“Reason why I wasn’t happy when Saint Obi’s friends started writing unnecessary epistle. They should have allowed the soul of their colleague to rest in peace than bringing up unnecessary sentiments. Not like these friends cared when he was alive.”


“It was built by the wife and it was named after him .. okay oo “


“If only the dead can speak for themselves.”


“Lies abeg, he no let una visit but somehow una manage to enter the house and attack am with knife. Your sister get money pass am but he wasn’t broke also so make una rest.”


“You all never spoke up when he was alive. You all never said shiit. Now he is dead is your sister that built heaven and the earth lol this world is evil.”

Zeb Ejiro reveals Saint Obi never recovered from crashed marriage

Popular filmmaker Zeb Ejiro, one of the good friends of the late veteran before he shut everyone out, revealed in an interview that the shock of Saint Obi’s failed marriage killed him.

According to Zeb, his late friend was a family man who was deprived of the joy of being with his family.

Two weeks before Saint Obi’s death, he spoke with his late friend and revealed that he had been sick.

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