What is food handling and food hygiene

Food handling and food hygiene

food is one amongst the necessities of life both for man and animal. Hardly can man live without food. Many things function food in numerous classes and for various nutritional function within the body. Man being a completely novel being has alternative ways and methods by which he makes. Those material he consider as food consumable.
Concept of definition: food handlers, food handling, and food hygiene.
Food handler: according to oxford dictionary food are those things that people or animal eat. It can also be defined as something good to eat, to keep the body in form and shape. In scientific terms food is any substance liquid or solid possessing it nutrients which when taken in to the human body and digests meet the need for growth, energy, tissue repair, reproduction and maintainance. Food is among the basic necessities of life which in its totaiity is indispensable. Food is classified into six based on their nutritive value protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, mineral and water. Protein for the repair of worm out tissues and growth. We can get them from meat, fish, egg, beans and so on. Carbohydrates which is mostly our staple food we can get them from yaw, cassava, potatoes and etc. For energy. Fat is of two origin animal fat is saturated that of plant is unsaturated. Vitamin and minerals, we can get from fresh fruits and vegetables. Water is necessary for active metabolism and to maintain the body balance. So when all these are combined, cooked and eaten in their right proportion to meet the nutrients needed in the body we say that we have taken balanced diet. Care must be taken to ensure that a little of all these is taken to prevent disease and sickness.
Some of these nutrients are best taken raw In their natural state; some are water soluble and are easy in losing water during cleaning, washing and processing. Others are destroyed by high temperature during high temperature during cleaning, washing processing and cooking. Therefore the food handler ( caterer) takes proper measurement that will help to ensure that these nutrients are not lost and the food is healthy. This brings us to asking the questions who is a good handle? The food handler can be defined in various terms. Food handler or caterer can be defined as a person that somehow knows how to prepare, cook and serve food. It is believed that very mother must have taught her child how to prepare and cook food therefore when you introduce yourself as a caterer or food handler when you introduce yourself, people tends to look down on you. The caterer of food handler is like other profession that only trained people at different levels whose major aim and concern is to prevent contamination of food by germs and preventing this germs and bacteria from multiplying.
The food handler can be found in a hotel, aircraft, on the ship, in the restaurant, hospital, schools, institutions, organization and homes. He or she is concerned with the safe preparation and services of food. The only way to safe food is the practice of hygiene habit by people who handle food in order to ensure that.
* Food and food products are for consumption.
* Food items are attractive and good enough in the eyes of the quest.
* through adequate hygiene we are able to ensure the stability of our food products.
* We are also able to check all cases of food spoilage and deterioration.
* Food hygiene practice can help to create public awareness in people as regards the services rendered by hotel and restaurant.
The food handler can achieve all these and more through three major ways : personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, food hygiene.
Personal hygiene: this refers to the cleanliness Of the person. It deals main on the various ways by which an individual limit the spread of infectious disease thereby promoting health. Area of particular attention to this respect include the hair, nose, armpit, long dirty nails, dirty clothes, untreated wound, dirty Hands and unwashed mouth etc.
These areas and the likes are known to harbour harmful mirco organisms so foods can be contaminated through those means if attention is not paid to them. It is however important to always observe all personal hygiene regulation in order to minimize cases of food spoilage. The practice of clean habits in the kitchen is the only way to achieve a satisfaction hygiene.
Environmental hygiene: as the food handler taking good care of his or her body he or she must ensure that the working environment ie the kitchen and its surrounding is equally taken good care of. The environment where we work plays an important role in everything we do there. Therefore environmental hygiene should be observed to prevent food spoilage.
* keep all working surfaces clean at all times.
* sweep the floor and scrub it regularly.
* empty the dustbin after each session of cooking.
* wrap up waste before dropping into the dustbin.
* keep the fire place, stove or cooker after each use. Clean regularly.
* wash up dishes with clean soapy water, drain and dry in a basket.
Food hygiene: by food hygiene we refer to the cleanliness of the human foods either liquid nor solid foodstuff, meat, milk, eggs, fish and water which are achieved through personal hygiene and environmental hygiene. This implies that food hygiene take into consideration the necessary measures required to be followed to make food for humans consumption and it starts right from the farm. The ways the crops were cultivated and tended for during planting, nursing and harvesting stages.
The food handler combines all these in their right proportion under hygiene condition prepare and serves delicious dishes. Using color, texture and aroma to make the food appetizing and appealing to the sense as we are all here. Finally, everybody wants to eat quality and safe food anywhere and anytime. It is our own interest to cultivate good hygiene habits with regard ourselves, food and the environment to promote health and prevent diseases, create job opportunities and generate revenue for the nation. Nigeria is rich with diverse culture, foodstuff and ethnic dishes which is worked upon and awareness created about them, they can be rated with their counterpart dishes from the other part of the world.

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