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What is exercise – exercise

fitness are often defined as a condition of being attractive and appearing in an exceedingly very suitable healthy physique. Then EXERCISE are often defined as an activity founded to into practice.
Then what’s fitness exercise, fitness exercise are often defined as an activity that’s set up to keep or put the body in an attractive state.
exercise helps in burning down fat in the human body. Exercise is almost done at home when you lack the fundamental equipment, but going to the gym is the best, where all the equipment are. As a beginner, you may probably want to do every exercise to keep fit at once, but I will say that will be a big problem to you because it will drain your energy at a straight and you will end up getting tried and not achieving you aim.

Tips on How to lose weight : health

1. Make sure you are healthy and fit: before starting any exercise, make sure you health and mentally stable as you are an asthmatics, or you are having heart diseases or suffering from diabetes, I will advice you consult your doctor before starting your exercise program.
2. Make up your mind : before starting your exercise, always have a certain goal for yourself and allow it to motivate you to avoid compromise. Maybe you want to get rid of pot belly, your target will be to decrease from 60 pounds to 40 pounds or may be you are an athlete,then your target is to increase your energy and speed. Just tell yourself that you can do it.
3. Make time: fitness and exercise is something that will make quality time for. Once you have started your workout routine, remember that you have to.be consistent and have enough patience. You don’t expect magic to happen with two to three days of starting the exercise that is the workout.
4. Don’t lose your motivation: it is so obvious that people who quit their exercise routine lost there motivation may be due to their surrounding that is their work and other things, all this I know that is why you are advised to do it when you are free maybe in the morning or in the evening time when you are not occupied. Even the fastest athlete in the world, USAIN BOLT. He normally has his own activities carried out and his training by the other side. So set your goal and work towards it and don’t forget to stay motivated.
5. Always stay on balanced diet: if you want your workout or exercise to be what you will like to achieve then you need to change your diet as well. It is very important I will tell you that you should give up on junk food, then always go for protein before and after each exercise to help in the growth of muscle. Proteins such as meat, fish, nuts, vegetables and fruits.
6. Stop when necessary : for the beginners that stays at home, doing their various exercises, it is very easy to get injured that is why it important to have a fitness mentor.
Signs that you should stop:
Pain, fever, chest pain, muscle cramp and others. When you notice these sign, then you must stop in order to recover, you must take enough time to relax.
7. Always have water around yourself : in order to avoid dehydration in your body, always have water around you to help in fluid the dehydrated organs because you lose water when you are sweating and know that dehydration can lead to muscle cramp. To avoid this always take enough water before, during and after each exercise.
8. Have a good facilites: you will enjoy your exercise when you have good equipment. Good equipment reduces the risk of getting injuries and know that exercise is boring at times, so always change your exercise, maybe by trying out new exercise and machine.
Benefit of fitness and exercise.
As we all know exercise is one of the important thing any human being can do for his or her self whether you are rich or poor, young or old because it has its side effect such as reduce aging, weight and other
1. Control weight: to lose your weight, you must use more calories.
2.Control your heart risk: each exercise you do, help in strengthening your heart and your blood circulation. Regular exercise also lower your blood pressure. Heart risk such as heart attack, cholesterol level and artery diseases.
3. Quit smoking and other bad act: your regular exercise has more effect than your normal life activities. Exercise helps you withdraw your smoking act and you will gain weight from this exercise.
4. Help in your mental health: I will tell people that are battling with mood swing should do exercise and keep themselves occupied. During exercise the body always release chemicals that helps in improving your mind at all times. It reliefs you from your depressed and stressed self.
5. Improve the brain: exercise help in making the brain comfortable in thinking, learning and placing judgement with the help of proteins and other chemicals released.
6. Helps in sleeping: do you know that exercise can help you sleep as long as you want. Just take your time.
MAKE YOUR ACTIVITIES LIVELY : you should make a workout partner a close friend or joining a group of trainers such as hiking class and others.
exercise stimulate the circulation of blood to the organ of the body. It helps in controlling the blood that flow to the leg which suffer from the lost of blood at all.
It helps in keeping the blood vessel in good terms and active.
It helps in stimulating the muscular activity which maintains the heart and organ failure.
It helps the heart to maintain a constant rate that ie pumping in and pumping out blood.
It helps in flushing fluid that are toxic in the body system and that can cause damage.
Exercise helps in stimulating lost appetite.
It helps in accomplishing deep breathing for people having resporation problems.
Exercise such as walking helps in preventing sleeplessness and it helps in preventing deformities and back posture.
It helps the lungs and the heart in reducing the diseases and also exercise helps in reducing obesity.

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