Essence of good graphics design

Essence of good design

Now before we start, I’d like to emphasize that every tip in this chapter is important to fundamental design development. Treat seriously. There are several Characteristics that a good design should and must portray. These major characteristics are what I call essentials. They include but are not restricted to:
1. Fonts
2. Icons
3. Whitespace
4. Colour
5. Information
6. Image
7. Branding
This is a very important area for all designers, Fonts are critical to the total outlook of a design and should really be handled carefully. You always want to use fonts that go with the feel of your design, be it formal or casual design or whatever pattern you design to go for. Different examples are shown below:
-Some examples of Formal fonts(canva):
Aileron Heavy
-Some examples of casual fonts(canva):
Euphoria Script
Adigiana Toybox
There are so many other examples but these ones are outlined here to show the difference and explain what I mean.
Now, this is a very technical aspect of design that many overlook while designing. Icons and simple illustrations can help save you time and space while sending a more clear message whenever it is used effectively. When you see this nobody needs to tell you that it’s what’sapp we’re talking about. That’s the power of using icons and illustrations. Again this simply denotes the comment button, whoever sees this should know that you’re asking him/her to drop a comment. And many other icons or illustrations including shapes, frames and others that help make your design easy and neat.
A lot of people have asked about the meaning of whitespace. This is just the creative spacing between elements or contents of a design to give it that uniformity and agreement in it’s appearance. White space is most commonly used in minimal design styles, but I recommend that every designer learn how to use this secret weapon.
Your choice of colour for a particular piece of design matters a lot!. Ranging from your client’s choice of colours to your own brand colours. Make sure youbhave the color emotional guide in mind when making choices, especially when it’s about brand coloring. Your color, whichever you choose send a strong message out. Make sure to make your choice to align with the message you’re sending out.
The main reason why we’re going through all this stress is to send out a unique information with our designs. Whatever you do, however you do it, make sure that the information your design is suppose to carry is clear and easily accessible to the viewer The whole point is – your message should stand out and be easily caught by an average reader. This is what makes a good design.
Still in the context of clear information. Make sure that your images are well selected to fit the theme of your design. It should agree with the message that is sent you can’t be talking about child abuse and use a happy man’s picture call that Design chaos. Use images that goes with the message. In the illustration above since we’re going to talk about an account not growing the background is a frustrated guy probably one who’s account is not growing, note the agreement between message and picture.
We just concluded an extensive series. After a design is done, say a post. It’s necessary to add any type of mark on it to make it recognizable as yours and when you use a consistent mark, your brand becomes memorable. It’s not so much a complicated process – your logo, name and handle can serve as a solid brand on your designs, then just the logo will do the trick on another’s design. Example of branding with account handle and niche on Instagram post.
If you’ve gotten to this page, that means you’re on track for success with designs. Generally, there are two ways I remove background from photos neatly on Android. Sometimes I have to combine both to get a better cropped picture with good quality and edges. Many can attest to the fact that poorly removed background can altogether be a hazard to your designs. There are two ways like I said and they include:
– Ultimate Background Eraser App
This is a background removal site that basically provides a simple and neat way to crop backgrounds off images successfully. It’s very simple to use. All you have to do is go to your browser and type in REMOVE.BG and the website will be opened, then tap on upload photo. Select the picture you want and it’ll load then automatically remove the background leaving just the image you need. See finished work.
This is the second method I mentioned, you download an app from Google or Apple app store and it’s very simple around it. It even gives you a tutorial at the start!. The reason I particularly like this method is that after using auto crop. It is easier for you to manually remove areas close to the edges and make the work look better and you can save in high resolution easier. The disadvantage is that it’s harder and takes more time when removing multi-colored backgrounds from images.
Now images with already neatly removed backgrounds can be a game changer as it saves both time and energy. Sites I recommend are:
– (best)
Generally high resolution free top quality images for your designs to make them look even neater and more professional can be gotten from:
For a designer that’s already familiar with Instagram, carousel should be a familiar word. But for others who may not be aware. Carousel is a very important Instagram post feature whereby you can post up to 10 images as a slide on a single post. This is an added advantage because you get not just one page to display your information but up to 10 pages to design. More space and more freedom to be creative with it. As easy as it may sound designing a great carousel in not something that can be made by chance. Time and effort needs to be made.
1. Captivating topic:
People generally like to learn so a topic that exposes new information is more likely to grab attention. Example:
– How to…
– 5 things you need to…
– 5 apps that…
– Why you/your…
– Improve…
These headline starters have been known to increase engagement. There are others too that can be used but make sure it is useful and captivating enough to stop someone scrolling their feed!
2. Related images:
Always use images related to whatever topic you may be discussing. Use the list of free image sites to find perfect images of your choice for your carousels. Still on carousels, appropriate whitespace plays a lot of roles in an effective carousel. Put one piece of the information per page and make sure to use a design that suites your style and typography as long as the whole message of your carousel is very clear.
3. Last Slide:
Your last slide should be creatively positioned, have your personal image as part of personal branding and include a clear call to action about what you want your audience to do. It can be:
– Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.
– Send a DM to discuss.
– FOLLOW for more. Or whatever action you may want them to take. But keep it clear enough so that you can direct your traffic appropriately to where you want them to go.
Just like we emphasized in the beginning of this guide. This may only teach you so far. Consistent practice is what is going to keep you up and going. Keep learning, experimenting and trying out different things, you’d be surprised what you can do! LOU COOK said: “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun” Try as best as you can at it, fail, but get back up better!. Most importantly, have fun at it. GREATNESS IS A PRODUCT OF PASSION.

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