What can you eat to stay healthy

Eating and staying healthy.

Eating and staying healthy.
Eating: this can be the method  of consuming edible material for the aim of quenching hunger, thrist or for the fun of it. Eating the correct and adequate amount of food can help one live a extended and healthier life. Research has made it possible to grasp that eating very well can prevent diabetes and other small diseases. When we eat always make sure that they provide th adequate nutrients the body needs. The nutrients needed in different individual is determined according to age, Health condition and the work they do. We should always eat proper nutrients as long as the body needs them and in adequate proportion and keeping our body weight under control can help a lot. We should ensure that calories intake balance with calories output during physical activity, to avoid over weight. It is not too late to start eating adequately. We should eat this variety of food to stay healthy;
Vegetables: choose dark green leaf and deep yellow vegetables. Eat a lot of vegetables. It supplies the body with a lot of vitamins which prevent the body against diseases. Make vegetables a part of your meal. The best vegetable that is recommended even in the hospital is pumpkin leaves. Don’t over cook the vegetable while cooking in order to retain it nutrients.
Fruits: choose fruit in season, citrus, paw paw, mango, pineapples, cashew, banana, plantain, apple and so on. Whenever you finish eating, it is advisable to take fruit in other to digest the food you have eaten properly. Fruit supplies the body with a lot of vitamins which helps in preventing the body from disease. Paw paw , apple and orange are also good fruits.
Dry beans: such as real beans, soya beans, navy beans, cow pea, guinea pea, lentil, chickpea, peanut and so on.
Whole grain: such as wheat, rice ,oats, corn, millet, and barley.
Tubers: yaw, cassava, sweet potatoes, eat food low in fats, saturated fats. Such as
fish – it supplies the body with a lot of protein and contain less fat, poultry prepared without the skin, lean meat, low fat dietary products.
Weight is too much or too little can lead to health problems. From the age of 45 years, many people do gain too much weight. This can be controlled by eating healthy foods and being physically active. The question you will ask yourself now should be, is weight healthy for me ! And how can I control my weight !. Research has shown that physical activity can prevent some diseases such as obesity, diabetes. Physical activity will also help you feel better and stay at a healthy weight. Research suggests that brisk walking can be just as good for you as an activity such as jogging. Even at the age of 40’s it is advisable one should take at least 30 minutes of constant physically activities such as fast walking most days of the week.
Obesity: this is excess fat in the body. Most people that are fat are fat are the obese people. Obesity exists when fat made up of greater proportion than the normal fraction of body’s weight. An obese person usually over weight but an over weight person may not be obese such as a certain athletes. How to treat obesity: eat less carbohydrates, indulge in more exercise, use drugs that are prescribed by doctors.
According to harvard school of public health, eating nutrient diet is complicated because of the experts recommended it from the outdated or pirvate business interest. However many health professional agree on basic lifestyle change that people can make to promote good health. Reduce or avoiding the consumption of junk foods is highly recommended because this junk food has caused very high ill health condition to the people of the society.
Health guide / tips:
Reduce or total elimination of bad habit: no matter how much vegetables and fruit one eats and continues to smoke, consumption of a lot of sweet, central one’s diet on red meat, one will have a hard time to stay healthy.
Keep to nutrition basics: according to mayo clinic, fact sheet on nutrition and healthy living, people should centre good intake around nutrients dense food like leafy green, other vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat, and non- fat dairy products lean proteins, nut seeds.
Watching your calories intake: Oprah Winfrey’s in house expert on medical and health issues purpose that people practice a calories restriction diet. Techniques such as strictly watching protein size, reducing comsumption of processed foods avoid fast foods and limiting sweets not only aid weight loss or weight management they can also energize one and increase one’s chance of longevity. Dr Oz, stats a calories limit of 1800 per day for the average man and 1500- 1600 calories per day for an average woman.
Stay active: the department of health and human services has established guidelines for people who want to get active or want to increase their physical activity. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain agility, increase endurance, tone your body or develop strength, you should be a minimum of 20 minutes of moderate activities, plus two sessions of strengthening activities per week and complete them with two sessions.
Stop stressing your life: make time to breathe, yoga, chatting with your friends, garden, walking, meditate and doing something creative. Schedule your activities for each day and it will help a lot.
We should try our best to only eat the foods that the body needs and will make good use of, foods that are nutritional. We should stops eating foolishly and drinking ourselves to stupor because we have free good foods and drinks around us that doesn’t have any side effect on us such as fruits, vegetables, fish and so on. Also remember that once you advance to your 40’s and above, you should dwell on eating fruits and vegetables and avoid carbohydrates and sweet things. We should always try to eat and get more vitamins and minerals to keep and maintain the body. The problem is not to be alive but to be alive, you need to be healthy and fit for anything that comes your way.

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