‘Don’t compare election petition to that of Oscar Pistorious, OJ Simpson’ – Rufai fumes

'Don't compare election petition to that of Oscar Pistorious, OJ Simpson' - Rufai fumes

Popular on-air-personality, Rufai Oseni has expressed anger at the comparison being made between the election petition to what happened to Oscar Pistorious and O.J Simmpson.  Continue Full Reading>>>

The media personality during an Arise morning show, stated that the country’s inability to have a highly contested election proceedings shown on television was sad, degrading, and disrespectful.

Rufai claims that equating the election proceedings with the cases of Oscar Pistorious and Reeva Steenkamp, as well as OJ Simpson killing his wife, demeans the aspirations and dreams of Nigerians.

He continued by saying that as these cases and the election petition are completely unrelated to one another, comparisons between them should be avoided.  Continue Full Reading>>>

The lives of Nigerians or the upcoming four years, according to Rufai, are at stake, so it is important to act morally and carefully.

Rufai asserted that the lives of Nigerians for the next four years are at stake hence it is important to act morally and carefully.

He was astounded by how the INEC had promised to transmit all of the elections, but had only done so for the senatorial election, leaving out the presidential and national assembly votes.

Nigerians, according to Rufai, also expect that their leaders be held accountable for their acts.

He said: “Our determination of an election that every promise was made to bring about a level of inclusion when INEC said they were going to do something and all of a sudden, the senatorial election was trasmitted that day and only the presidential was not transmitted on time as at real time.

“I think it is very demeaning and disrespectful with all due respect, to liken this very petitent national issue to the case of Oscar Pistorious, Reeva Steenkamp and OJ Simpson and his wife. What Nigerians demand is a level of accountability”

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