Don’t Allow Cabal To Hijack Your Govt, APC Chieftain Advises Tinubu

Don't Allow Cabal To Hijack Your Govt, APC Chieftain Advises Tinubu

With just eight days until his inauguration as Nigeria’s 16th president, President-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is being urged to avoid tolerating saboteurs in his cabinet.  Continue Full Reading>>>

On Monday, May 22, in Lagos, Dr. Samson Bilesanmi, a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and leader of the Asiwaju support group, made a plea ahead of Tinubu’s swearing-in as the president on May 29.

Drawing a comparison between Tinubu and Nelson Mandela, the late president of South Africa, Bilesanmi emphasized Tinubu’s political prowess to lead the country towards a brighter future.

He urged President-elect not to allow any cabal to undermine his transformative efforts, saying that cabals can emerge from any direction.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Bilesanmi highlighted Tinubu’s significant contributions to Nigeria, including his role in the development of individuals such as Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, and warned of potential interference by the cabal that could hinder Tinubu’s plans for a new Nigeria.

He also urged the former governor of Lagos state to recognize and reward the support groups that tirelessly worked towards his victory in the election.

He emphasized the need for fairness and justice by immediately disbanding the Amalgamated groups. He suggested that Tinubu should appoint at least two members from each group to federal parastatals, considering their significant financial contributions to Asiwaju’s success.

The APC chieftain stated that this gesture would be generous compensation for the support groups, highlighting Tinubu’s benevolent nature.

Tinubu should ensure all heads of government agencies remain in the country until after his inauguration.

Addressing the alleged study leave granted to the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, Bilesanmi emphasized the importance for Tinubu, as the incoming president, to ensure that all heads of government agencies remain in the country until after his inauguration.

He stressed the need for Emefiele to give an account of his performance as CBN governor before any potential departure.

It’s time for southwest to produce CBN governor

Regarding the appointment of a new CBN governor after Emefiele’s tenure, Bilesanmi, who was celebrating his 60th birthday, expressed the significance of having a candidate from the southwest region in the position.

He noted that it has been 19 years since a southwest individual held the role and argued that it is time for someone from the region to lead the country’s apex bank.

According to him, he along with all the director-generals of Asiwaju support groups, recommended Prof. Segun Adebola, a professor of economics and law, as the most suitable candidate for the job.

Speaking on Tinubu’s perceived consideration of his former commissioner, Wale Edun, for the prominent position, Bilesanmi urged Tinubu to seriously consider Adebola’s credentials.

In response, Adebola expressed his readiness for the position, assuring that he fulfils all the requirements to serve as the head of the country’s apex bank.

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