Did Mike Tyson Really Offer $10 Million to Marry His Daughter Lorna Tyson?

Did Mike Tyson Really Offer $10 Million to Marry His Daughter Lorna Tyson?

In February 2020, Mike Tyson blew up on the internet overnight. A bizarre news report claiming that the boxing icon was offering $10 Million to any man willing to marry his daughter Mikey Lorna Tyson made the rounds.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Born in 1990, Mikey Lorna Tyson is the 55-year-old’s first child with his then-girlfriend, Kimberly Scarborough. As Mikey turned 30, reports regarding Mike Tyson making a bizarre offer for his daughter’s marriage circulated around the internet.

This piece of news quickly gained immense traction online. Major national publications picked up on this and released reports stating Mike Tyson’s $10 million offer.

However, this turned out to be a major media failure and this was a direct result of irresponsible journalism.  Continue Full Reading>>>

The news report initially published by ‘Hit News’ went viral almost instantly. It did not take much time to capture Mike Tyson’s attention.

The boxing icon immediately denied all claims and labeled the report as “absolutely false”. In response, the youngest heavyweight champion issued warnings to the media publication responsible for spreading fake news.

Soon after his warning, the original report was reportedly taken down. However, by that time, several online reporting sources had already spread the fake news.

What inspired Mike Tyson to never back down?

On a Hotboxin’ podcast episode with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, Mike Tyson shared his thoughts on what pushed him to go a step further throughout his career. He said that he always looked up to athletes who lost and kept coming back over those who never tasted defeat.

“The ones that interested me the most were the guys that got beat in the first fight they ever had or the third fight they ever had. They got knocked out cold and got humiliated. And, they came back, training, kept coming back and kept winning, may have lost another fight, kept winning. But never gave up, never become discouraged.

“And, one day, they get a chance to fight for the title, BOOM, knocked the champion out and now they’re champion. Imagine if they gave up, got discouraged when they lost, got beat up, or got knocked out. Once they became champions, they became champions for long runs. Broke the history books, record books, and stuff.

“But they never gave up. You know how easy it was to give up being knocked out, humiliated in front of people but they stepped to it.

“Those are the guys that I really admired back then because they showed that you don’t have to be perfect you can have flaws and still do sensational things that nobody else could,” said Mike Tyson.

Despite his losses, struggles in life, imprisonment, and even financial ruins, Mike Tyson has never backed down from any challenge in life. He has always shown that hard work and dedication trumps everything else.

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