Desperate ‘Yahoo’ boys return snake to ritualist after it failed to vomit money

Desperate 'sakawa' boys return snake to ritualist after it failed to vomit money

A group of suspected ‘sakawa’ boys in Ghana reportedly returned a massive snake sealed in a box to an alleged ritualist after the serpent failed to vomit dollars, as promised by the ritualist.  Continue Reading>>>

The young men dumped the reptile in a box at Nkurakan on Sunday morning, leaving the residents curious.

How residents reacted to the incident

In a video seen by, the incident drew a large crowd from the neighbourhood who came to watch the snake, but no one knew where it had come from.  Continue Reading>>>

A reporter’s account

Speaking about the incident on UTV, a reporter noted that preliminary evidence indicates that some young people believing that the snake could give them ritual money left it at the scene.

He claimed that the ritualist who gave the young men the serpent had instructed them to feed it eggs for 30 days before expecting it to vomit money for them.

After the young guys opened the box on the last day and the serpent did not perform as anticipated, they gave it back along with the ‘gift’ they had received.

He claimed that the men suspected to be the owners of the box came from nowhere to pick up the box with the snake in it and left.

The incident has left the Nkurakan residents in fear as they alleged that the chop box was found near the place where a 6-month-old baby who had gone missing for some hours on Saturday was found dead.

Like the residents, online viewers have also been triggered by the video of the ‘money-vomiting’ snake.

Watch the video below:

How netizens reacted to the video of the snake

@kojodaniell commented:

This is to the girls after the so called Yahoo boys. S3 moagyimi aa look at it well, make u no hustle on your own.

@Bello41530234 said:

With all this power and juju, Africa is still poor.

@foxrace3 reacted:

Herrr pressure dey take boys.

@Rudolph_Oxlade said:

Sia, you watch movies when snakes vomit money aa you think that is true.

@josh_ahulu posted:

The snake chops the egg free.

@Amayaa posted:

These guys are desperate.

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