David Oyedepo reveals what God told him, says it will happen before the end of May 31st

David Oyedepo reveals what God told him, says it will happen before the end of May 31st

The General Overseer of Living Faith Chapel, a.k.a. Winners Bishop David Oyedepo, shared a message to viewers via live-streamed video.  Continue Full Reading>>>

During his speech, the priest reportedly claimed, “The work of the house of the Lord was seized by force and by the power of the enemy in Ezra 4:20-24.”

And as you study deeper, you will discover that The Prophet came forth and began to prophesy, and there was a stirring, and the building of the house of the Lord began, with the prophets assisting them.

On that point, may you receive the assistance ordained for you today in the great name of Jesus.

He went on to say, “Every true prophet is sent as a helper, not as a usurper.” No true prophet seeks what any man has. That is, every true prophet seeks to add something to every individual.  Continue Full Reading>>>

That is the type of prophet we have in our ministry. Prophets are not sent to assist mankind. They are sent to whomever they are sent through texts.

Moses was sent to Egypt to deliver them from slavery. Elijah was dispatched to Zarephath’s widow’s house to save her from starvation.

Elisha was in the Shunamite woman’s house when her dead womb opened. The devil attempted to kill the child, but the child resurrected.

In his words, “Throughout the ages, prophets have been sent as helpers to whatever they are sent to.”This is to say that true prophets do not seek human assistance; rather, they seek assistance from above.

So, if you see me crying, it’s because you helped. You’ve collected enough prayers. It’s past time you took command. On that point, God has told me that by the end of this month, no one here will be a prayer project.


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