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Saturday, July 2, 2022

D.L. Hughley Checks Kanye West: “As Big As You Are Is As Small As You’re Acting”

He says West gave out his address and he has been receiving threats. “You get to act stark raving mad and your cult pretends like it’s okay, and it is not!”
There may be a lull from Kanye West’s social media in recent days, but D.L. Hughley isn’t quite finished with the Rap mogul. Hughley captured West’s attention after the comedian spoke with VladTV about the ongoing drama involving West and ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Hughley stated that West is “stalking” Kardashian and said that if the rapper wasn’t a billionaire but an average, everyday person, he would have been hit with a restraining order by now.

After engaging in slinging insults back and forth with West, Hughley returned to his radio show where he expounded on his thoughts regarding West’s remarks toward and about him. He claimed that if a woman acted the way West has been, she would have been under a conservatorship by now.

“This is the thing I find ironic: he’s arguing with me about a woman neither one of us has. I don’t know, if as Kanye says, that God doesn’t love me, I often ask that question myself. But I do know this, if you have such a connection to God and you’re such a conduit to him, that you can have him omit his grace from me, then that wouldn’t be a God, that would be a hitman. I don’t know if my family, as you say, doesn’t love me, I’ve asked that question before, too, but I do know that I can go home without somebody calling the police.”

“You say I’m broke, but I know that you’re broken. You say I’ma has been, but I know you never have been happy. This is an incarnation of the same guy that we see all the time, but you know, and I know, that it’s the empty wagon that makes all the noise. All of the threats, all of the complaints, all of the curious things you do—interestingly, you said we’ll probably end up being friends after I can explain your jokes, if you can explain my jokes, how come you can’t explain your behavior?

“You are acting in a way that I have said, and will say over again, is dangerous,” Hughley added. “Every day it is teaching a young boy and young girls that this is appropriate. Every day we hear a story about some dude that picked up a gun and shot some girl, or hurt some girl or did something ’cause they think it’s appropriate. It is not! It is not okay! As you said, we could be friends one day…you could never be my friend acting this way.”

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