Couple Turned Junkies After Losing Their Two Kids

Couple Turned Junkies After Losing Their Two Kids


The story behind the recently trending couple who shared a video of themselves dancing, while the woman was in her underwear surfaced on social media and left talking on the comments section.CONTINUE READING>>>

A pair dancing in their underpants was featured in a viral video.


On several social media sites, some made fun of them as being crazy, while others made fun of the woman for wearing underwear that had been altered even though her size had shrunk to half what it had been.CONTINUE READING>>>

The couple is a victim of life’s unforeseen circumstances.


After losing two children at once, they couldn’t take what life threw at them and fell into a deep melancholy. This led to them abusing drugs and other substances and losing confidence in God.CONTINUE READING>>>

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