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Types of copy writing
Copywriting is both a skill and an art. As I have established in the preceding chapters, copywriting is one of the most important skills anyone can gain in business and life generally. This is because people make choices to buy out of the words we speak or write. Words are powerful and one word can make someone buy or leave. As a copywriter, you can use them to your advantage to get people to do whatever you want them to do.
There are two types of copywriters.
Corporate copywriters.
Freelance copywriter
Corporate copywriters are employed by a company and they are paid monthly salaries for the writing works they do for the company. You can use the skill to improve sales for your products or services since you know how to make people do your bidding with words. As I humorously say, “If you need happiness in your life, become a copywriter.”You can do it in the comfort of your house with your Smartphone or a laptop.
Freelance copywriters: category I belong to, fix the price for the copies they write and call the shots. As a freelance copywriter, you can only be limited by how good you are or no They are confined to what they are being paid. Just to reemphasize, to be either of the two types of copywriters, you need zero capital to get started with
Now that you know who a copywriter is, and the advantages of being a copywriter, you must also know what it takes to be a good copywriter. It is as simple as that. The following characteristics are a must-have if you want to be a good copywriter and write mind-blowing copies.
1 you must be a good researcher : for you to make a unique content for your client you must be a good researcher like an actor and actress. That is why you must make your research and write as if you are the owner of that business or partnership You must research 70% and write 30% of the time. Research is the act of sharpening your axe (your skill). A blunt axe will always take more effort to use but a sharp axe cuts swiftly. You must be able to know and describe your customer inside-out: where they stay, what their likes, dislikes, or interests are.
Creativity: as a writer your thinking must be outside the box to please your audience. Make your audience beg me to take there money very important. That’s the beauty of copywriting. Copywriters don’t beg people for money. It’s the
other way round. Copywriters are like surgeons, have you ever seen a dying man
trying to negotiate the price of a surgery with a Doctor?. I charge my students but end up giving them all the knowledge they require but they end up charging times 10 of what I charged them … Is that not creative because the customers are willing to pay to apart in there class.
Be persistent – there is a clear difference between been creative and been persuasive. Persuasion has to do with “forcing” people to take action. If forcing sounds too harsh, we can say it is making them take action whether they like it or not. And you must be equipped with that skill for your copies to be effective.
There are 4Ps in copywriting namely:
2. People
3. Place
4. Price
PRODUCT : you need products for you to offer services to people anytime. You may be wondering about the kinds of products you can sell online. I will list a few here..
Digital products such as ebooks, video animation, you create them and sell online.
Affiliate products such as konga, amazon, jumia, ijij and so on. You can create them but you can work for them
Importing products you can important goods from countries like china and etc.. At a cheaper rate then sale in your own price.
PEOPLE: Copywriting involves selling by helping people. You show them the pain, use your product or service as the solution and you will get the gain. The more people you help the richer you become. I always tell people if you want to be a millionaire, find 1,000 people, solve their problem at a profit of 1,000 Naira and you will make a million. Imagine the gain in this copy writing business… Awesome right ??Your copy must be about your target audience. But you need to have them clearly defined. You were not sent for everyone, so find out who your ideal customers are. You can avoid stress by running ads on social media even while you are sleeping your audience and products are still growing with less stress. Cool right ??
PLACES: this is where you can get your targeted audience whether online or offline. When it goes online, Facebook is your best bet. It has more than 2 billion users. Instagram is another powerful vehicle. Then there is LinkedIn, Twitter and even
WhatsApp. You will use that account to join groups that have your kind of market, add friends from there, add value to them and sell to them.
PRICES: the ability to understand the meaning of your products then you will know the price of each content or each products. The money aspect is very important because for you to have written and produced products either online or offline then the money aspect is very important. At least for spending your time and energy. You will use that account to join groups that have your kind of market, add friends from there, add value to them and sell to them.
Focus on the benefit only : People buy benefits, not features. If I am thirsty on a sunny day, I will buy cold water not because I like the bottle but because it can quench my thirst. So, the first mistake most copywriters make is that they focus so much on the features of what they are selling that they forget to show the benefits of the product. What will attract people to buy are the benefits first before the feature. Focus on your audience: am this, I do this, and I used to do this. Focus on your target market. There is a place for establishing writer’s credibility but you just have to do it once and get out of the way. Let your copy be about the customer. Use the magic word “you” as much as you can. Tell them, “This is what you stand to gain; this is what you will benefit, and this how you can save more cash.” Let it be about the person.

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