Chrisland: Father Reveals To Court How He Used Social Media To Know Cause of His Daughter’s Death

Chrisland: Father Reveals To Court How He Used Social Media To Know Cause of His Daughter's Death

Adeyemi Adeniran, the father of a student of Chrisland High School Opebi, Whitney, who died during the school’s sporting activities at Agege Stadium, Lagos State, on Thursday, told a High Court sitting in the Ikeja area of the state that he got to know his 12-year-old daughter was electrocuted through a group created on a social media application known as Snapchat.  Continue Full Reading>>>

In his narration to Justice Oyindamola Ogala, the deceased’s father said he was at work when his wife, Blessing, called and informed him that she was told that their daughter, who left home very healthy, slumped at the stadium and was rushed to the hospital.

Adeyemi recounted that his wife informed him that the school principal had mentioned Whitney was showing signs of regaining consciousness when they hurriedly took her to Agege Central Hospital.  Continue Full Reading>>>

He stated, “I abandoned everything I was doing and immediately went to Agege. It took me 45 minutes to locate the hospital. Upon arrival, I found my wife, who directed me to go inside and pray for our daughter, hoping she would wake up. Inside the hospital room, I saw my daughter’s lifeless body lying on a table.”

He continued, “I approached my daughter, held her close to my body, called out to her, tapped her, and prayed fervently, but there was no response. I sought out the doctor at the facility and knelt before her, pleading for any possible action to revive my daughter. However, she informed me that nothing could be done and that Whitney had been brought in dead.”

Adeyemi further explained, “I inquired about what had happened to my daughter, and a nurse informed me that she had collapsed. The nurse mentioned that Whitney had already shown signs of dilation and that she had died at the stadium. However, the nurse couldn’t officially declare her dead as she wasn’t a medical doctor. So, I confronted her, expressing my disbelief that they had only brought my daughter here for the purpose of pronouncing her dead, to which she affirmed.”

While he was engaging in conversation with the nurse, Whitney’s father recalled that the doctor in charge of the clinic approached him and requested funds to wrap his daughter’s body. He handed over N15,000 as requested.

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