Checkout the History of Fela Kuti’s death: What happened to the legendary musician?

History of Fela Kuti's death: What happened to the legendary musician?

What was Fela Kuti death cause? The legendary Fela Kuti was the creator and god of Afrobeat and so many fans all over the world are interested in everything that has to do with their icon, who was also a Nigerian legend and music activist who spoke the truth without fear of what the government could do to him.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Fela Kuti
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Fela Kuti, who was born on 15 October 1938, was known far and wide in Nigeria and outside it as the pioneer of Afrobeat, the totally unique blend of many styles of music: jazz, fuji, high-life, and more.

Due to this invention and his activism, he became insanely popular during the prime of his musical career and, again, due to it, he is still the star of African music and the king of many musical styles as well.  Continue Full Reading>>>

This popularity has caused a never-ceasing interest in everything in his life, beginning with his early childhood and ending with his death and its cause. There have been many theories describing the cause of his death.

What are the theories explaining Fela Kuti’s death cause?

One of them claims that the king of Afrobeat had HIV/AIDS. While alive, Fela never trusted medicine from the Western world. When he happened to fall ill, he was more likely to turn to native African methods of treatment and medications rather than Western examinations and medications.

Closer to the end of his life, Fela had intimate intercourse with an incredible number of women, including the 27 women he had as his wives. He was reported to have denied the existence of HIV and said that it was a “disease of white men.” Also, he treated condoms extremely negatively, claiming that they were totally non-African.

Fela Kuti's death
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Closer to his death, Fela Kuti had characteristic skin lesions that are found on the skin of people suffering from AIDS. These wounds develop out of the smallest skin injury because the immune system cannot fight infections and the body is no longer able to regenerate tissues.

However, Fela Kuti convinced everybody that the lesions appeared because of the process of “new skin growth” associated with spiritual renewal.

In fact, the dramatic weight loss everybody noticed right before Fela Kuti death, the skin disorders, and many other signs showed all too clearly that he was suffering from Kaposi’s Sarcoma, a type of slow skin cancer associated with HIV/AIDS.

Fela Kuti death
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Still, some of the former Fela Kuti spouses denied Fela Kuti HIV diagnosis, claiming that the cause of his death was the severe beating he received when his home was attacked. He was beaten almost to death and his old mother was thrown out of the window, which caused her death too.

Fela Kuti death date was on August 2, 1997. This was the date the world lost one of its greatest talents, an outstanding musician and a fearless man.

Interesting facts about Fela Kuti

The man was not only talented but also, he led quite an interesting life. Here are some interesting facts about him that the world would like to learn as it remembers the talented musician.

1. He once had 27 wives

In 1978, Fela married 27 women on the same day. After the devastating, after the attack on his kalakuta republic, many of his band members became homeless and Fela then decided to do the unusual by putting out a piece of paper to his female band members requesting for the names of those that would like to marry him, and the entire 27 female band members put down their names.

Fela married the women to protect them and debunk the rumor that he was kidnapping them. The marriage ceremony was attended by Fela’s families, friends, and band members.

The 27 women that Fela married in a day were: Fehintola Kayode (Seun’s mum), Damiregba (Naijite, Motun’s mum), Keuwe Oghomienor (Kewe), Folake Oladeinde (Alake), Folake Oladejo, Ronke Edason, Laide, Emaruagheru Osawe, Ihase, Shade Shodeinde, Suru Eriomola, Tejumade Adebiyi, Omolola Osaeti, Tokunbo Akran, Ronke (another one), Adejonwo, Lamiley, Funmilayo, Adunni, Remilekun, Kikelomo, Lara, Bose.

However, in 1986, shortly after his release from prison, Fela Kuti divorced his 27 wives on the claim that marriage brings jealousy. It should be noted that they were not forced to leave even though he had divorced them; some lived with him until his death in 1997.

2. How many kids did Fela Kuti have?

Fela Kuti children are seven in number. They are: Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti, Yeni Kuti, Kunle Anikulapo Kuti, Motunrayo Anikulapo Kuti, Omosalewa Anikulapo Kuti, Sola Kuti

When Fela Kuti died, the world lost an icon that completely changed the music industry in Africa and beyond. More than 20 years after his demise, he is still fondly remembered and celebrated.

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