Checkout 3 countries Nigerians can visit with less than ₦100,000

3 countries Nigerians can visit with less than ₦100,000

Save up, start small and experience a country outside Nigeria. Have you ever wanted to leave Nigeria, and see the world but felt like you don’t have enough money to do so?  Continue Reading>>>

Well, that’s not exactly the case. There are some countries that you can travel to with less than ₦100,000.

Here are three of them.

Just from the coast of Lagos, you can take a boat to Cotonou from about ₦5,000 – ₦10,000. You can get hotels for as cheap as ₦12,000 according to You can also choose a mid-range hotel that costs about ₦48,000.  Continue Reading>>>

There are many cultural sites to visit in Cotonou. There are many monuments, art galleries, beaches, markets and ancient churches to visit.

There are many ways to travel to Ghana, you can go by road or by air, but the cheapest way is by road. With ₦30,000 – ₦50,000, you can use popular transportation companies like ABC Transport and GIGM. You can also get hotels that are as cheap as ₦16,000 according to There are so many monuments in Ghana, beaches, surf clubs and parks to visit in Ghana. Ghana also has a vibrant nightlife.

This is a border country to Nigeria. You can go by air or by road, the cheapest means is by road. You just have to travel to Calabar first and go by road to Cameroon.

Cameroon is bursting with many cultures and sites. You can get hotels that are as cheap as ₦11,000. When in Cameroon you can visit a lot of natural sites like waterfalls, take hikes up mountains and visit different museums.

Before you visit these places, you should have your ECOWAS passport, know how to convert your naira to their local currency and if your network provider is available in that country.

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