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BE SINCERE!! Were You Bullied In Secondary School & Did You Bully Your Junior Students? (Share Your Experience)

School bullying is becoming a threat that no school can afford to dismiss.

In fact according to research, it was found that 78% of Nigerian secondary school students have been victims of bullying on at least one occasion and 71% have lashed out at others at least once. However, more boys than girls were found to be both bullies and victims.

Some days ago, a 12year old boy, Sylvester Oromoni Jnr, lost his budding life to tortuous acts of bullying by his seniors at Dowen College.

The boy lost weight and even his sanity at some point due to the abuse he suffered in a school that was supposed to shelter and protect him.

Before him, there was the matter of Don Davies Archibong, a JSS1 student of Deeper Life Secondary School in Uyo, who was physically and sexually assaulted in school according to her mother, Deborah Okezie.

Sylvester’s case is just one of the many in recent times to highlight the nation’s shambolic acquiescence to the culture of bullying.

Myself, I was bulled in school from kindergarten to the last year both mentally and physically. I’ll not forgive or forget. I never attempted any form of reconciliation and never received any.

If I eventually come across any of those seniors, only God knows what will happen that very day. #SayNoToBullying

What about you?

Were You Bullied In Secondary School & Did You Bully Your Junior Students? (Share Your Experience)

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