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BBNaija’s Maria claims she is turning 30….but her former School mates say she might be older than that age.

Big Brother Naija star, Maria Chike, recently took to her social media page to reveal that she will be turning 30 this year and it generated lots of buzz on the internet.

On Saturday, April 30, Maria shared some photos from her birthday shoot ahead of her 30th birthday on May 3.

“Road to 30…

I want my 30s to be as peaceful as heaven was described in the Bible.

I want to experience heaven on earth in my 30s. Less sadness and more peace, less noise and more quiet.

So for this look, I opted for Blue, heavenly. Blue is for calm, trust and intelligence, and these are all what I want in my 30s,” she captioned the post.

However some of her followers took to the comment section to say she is lying about her age because she was their senior in High School and they are well over 30. Maria would not let that slide as she took time to reply those doubting her age.

See below ;

A Twitter user known as Jane wrote;

You were my senior in secondary school and I am 32… wonderful!!

Maria replied;

But you mentioned Maria Chike, I am me and you are you! Thank you but don’t forget I’m still your senior, maybe not in age.

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