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Baker Mayfield Receives Interest From This NFC Team

Baker Mayfield requested a trade earlier today.
Earlier today, Baker Mayfield decided to demand a trade from the Cleveland Browns as his team went behind his back and decided to do an interview with Deshaun Watson. In the end, this was the worst thing the Browns could have done, as Watson is not interested in coming to the team. With that in mind, now, the Browns are without a top-tier QB, and at the same time, their current QB has a real grievance with the team.

Following Mayfield’s request, the Browns told him that they would not be honoring it. As it stands, the Browns have no interest in trading Mayfield, however, the QB believes the relationship is effectively over. Given everything that has transpired, Mayfield is probably accurate in thinking that.

Baker Mayfield

Justin Berl/Getty Images
Despite the Browns’ stance on a trade, there are teams who are interested in getting Mayfield. One such team is the Seattle Seahawks, according to reporter Josina Anderson. Of course, the Seahawks just traded away Russell Wilson, which means they are in desperate need of a QB right now. Mayfield would certainly be a lot better than what they have right now, however, if the Browns don’t want to make a trade, then the Seahawks are simply out of luck.

This is currently a developing story, so stay tuned to Legitvibes as we will make sure to bring you all of the latest news and updates concerning Mayfield.

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